Nokia 808 PureView Hits Stores This Month, India & Russia First Recepients

We have official word courtesy of Nokia Conversations that the PureView 808 will indeed be hitting stores this month itself. So if you’ve been waiting for hand down the best camera on a mobile phone, you wait will soon be at an end. If you’re in India or Russia, there’s even more good news as the two countries will be first in line to receive the device, with availability in other countries to be announced later.

The 808 PureView lets you take absolutely incredible photos, with the ability to zoom in without loosing quality. You can choose to shoot in full resolution (38 Megapixels in 4:3 mode and 34 Megapixels in the 16:9 mode) and the 5 Megapixel automatic mode, where the photos are oversampled to render fine detail. The PureView 808 takes really excellent video as well.

To top it all, it features extensive controls for people who like to do more with their devices, e.g. the ND filter lets you take pictures such as the one above.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but I would expect the device to retail around or just shy of the 30,000 INR mark in India.

Nokia’s official Flickr stream has a bunch of camera samples if you are so inclined.

4 thoughts on “Nokia 808 PureView Hits Stores This Month, India & Russia First Recepients”

  1. People bash on Symbian all they want but I am so getting this phone. Hopefully Nokia will price it right.

  2. Hey,
    quick question how does the screen quality compare to the iphone 4 and the samsung galaxy s2?

  3. I’m also getting this one!! 🙂
    P.S. The screen isn’t the sharpest but it is an awesome “Clear Black AMOLED” screen with great colors and contrasts and btw it’s an real RGB (and not PenTile screen) like on the SGS2.

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