Video: Lumia 900 v Lumia 800, Big Is Beautiful

Nokia really has something special with the Lumia 900, it is the perfect combination of size, weight and looks that just gives the device a really excellent feel. Although it does borrow from the same design language that the Lumia 800, and before it the N9 employed, Nokia’s made some improvements that are really welcome.

Gone is the curved 3.7″ display of the Lumia 800, and instead we now have a impressive 4.3″ AMOLED CBD display that’s flat. To power a larger display, also present is a bigger 1830 mAh battery, instead of the 1300 mAh version in the Lumia 800. A lot of people wanted a front facing camera in the Lumia 800, and the 900 fixes that as well. But that’s not all, Nokia’s also refined the top of the phone, which gets rid of the door/hinge that used to cover the micro USB port and instead the port is now directly accessible. The micro SIM port can be opened using a pin, much like the iPhone. All in all these few improvements have gone a long way in making the Lumia 900 a true master piece. The one niggle that I have is that the shiny plate on the back that proudly says Nokia and details the camera, is still prone to picking up a scratch or two if you are not careful. But that’s a small price to pay for owing such a beautiful device.

In the following video I’ve put the white Lumia 900 and the black Lumia 800 head to head
to help give a better idea of what to expect. Since the Lumia 800 packs the same processor and software capabilities as its younger sibling, it still remains a compelling buy if you are looking for a great Windows Phone device. Or if you want something smaller.

I personally think that the 4.3″ Lumia 900 is a great size, and not too big at all.