Unboxing 3 Lumia 920s: Red, Yellow & White

The Lumia 920 and 820 went on sale in India last week, and we were able to walk into a Nokia Priority Store on launch day and pick up 3 Lumia 920s, one in roaring red, one in glorious yellow and one in elegant white. So if you’ve been on the fence about which Lumia 920 to pick up, the following video should help answer that. Personally, speaking, my struggle was choosing between the Yellow and Red.

Unboxing 3 Lumia 920s: Red, Yellow & White

The Lumia 920 comes to India in Yellow, Red, White and Black for now. The first three colours feature a glossy finish, while the Black comes in matte, similar to the Lumia 800. The new Lumias had initially launched in a selected number of cities across the country, but by now the rollout should have reached all major towns and cities. So if you’ve picked up a shiny new Lumia 920, let us know in the comments section below. (YouTube link to the unboxing):

The unboxing has also been filed on a Lumia 920 which was handheld throughout, and the following video itself presents an excellent example of the wonders Optical Image Stabilisation can achieve.

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  1. which color you liked the most ? please would red be right choice or is it too bright ? which one u would have opted for ?

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