Nokia India Launches The Switch To Lumia Hub On Facebook, Includes Videos Detailing All Of Lumia 920’s Features

In an effort to help answer questions that consumers might have about the Lumia 920, and to educate them on why a Lumia is better, Nokia India has just launched the ‘Switch To Lumia Hub‘ on their Facebook page. The hub includes tons of videos highlighting the device’s functionality, a section pertaining to what the people are saying about the device on Twitter and finally an area to guide consumers to their nearest Nokia store should they want to buy one.

Switch To Lumia Hub Facebook

Next, there’s also a ‘Ask Sid’ section on Nokia India’s website where you can type your queries in. However, instead of trying to manually answer each and every question, the software will try and make sense of what you want to know about the device, and match your question to a pre-existing one – and playback the relevant video as the answer. The experience may be a little hit and miss, but the good thing is that you can manually have a look at all the videos by selecting the appropriate subject. Thus making the space useful for people who already own a Lumia, and are trying of make sense of the all new Windows Phone 8 software.

Hit the Switch to Lumia Hub here.