Nokia Asha 501 Demo Video: Things You’ll Want To Know

Nokia-Asha-501-Yellow-Front_465The Asha 501 was announced today morning, and I’ve already covered that here. But what’s a post without a video. So here is a detailed demo of the impressive new Asha 501. In the demo we get a look at the new Lumia inspired design, the Swipe UI, the Asha platform’s new ‘Fastlane’ that brings pseudo multitasking, its performance and other things that make the Asha 501 the compelling proposition that it is.

At the 99$ price point you get a capacitive display, that is responsive to the touch like no other device in low end of the spectrum. Add to that the N9 like intuitive UI, Nokia’s services (Nokia Music is coming as well), social network integration and the wide variety of popular apps that will be available at launch, and there is very little to not like about this nifty little device.

(YouTube link)

Many thanks to Pranav Shroff of Nokia India for the demo. I shall also be publishing my own hands-on video from the launch event, so look out for that as well.