Nokia’s YouTube Uploader For Lumia Is Coming Soon

Despite being amazing video capture devices due to optical image stabilisation and rich recording, Nokia’s Lumias still cannot upload videos to YouTube directly from the device. There are ways to do it, but none of them is as straightforward as using a simple app. Thankfully that’s about to change. In addition to the brand new Video Trimmer application that just went live on the Windows Phone Store today, Nokia will soon be making the YouTube uploader app available as well. Both these apps were shown off at the time of the Lumia 1020 launch, but the YouTube uploader seems to have slipped under the radar.

Nokia Innovation has a video of Nokia’s Kristina Björknäs (@bjorknas) taking about the Lumia 1020, and showing off some of its features. The YouTube uploader is mentioned at the 2:00 minute mark.

Both these apps, in addition to the Smart Camera and the Pro Camera, will be available for existing Lumia devices once they have received the upcoming Amber update.