Video: Detailed Lumia 1020 Hands On

At the India launch of the Lumia 1020, I spent some quality time with the new king of smartphone cameras and it is hard to come away without being thoroughly impressed with what Nokia has been able to cram into a ‘fairly’ slim device. Pricing concerns aside, the sheer power of the 41 megapixel sensor is felt the moment you pick the device up. Since the phone has a mechanical shutter, you can hear and feel the shutter open everytime you launch the camera. It is a very subtle sound, but one that manages to resonate power.

Lumia 1020 Hands On

Unlike the Lumia 920, the 1020 features a matt finish that looks and feels premium. I liked the glossy finish of the 920, so I wasn’t entirely convinced about how the matt finish would pan out, but Nokia’s somehow managed to make it feel even nicer. In the video below I go over the hardware, compare it to the Lumia 925, take a look at the Pro Camera application and play around with the camera grip accessory that Nokia will be selling alongside the 1020 – among other things.

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One thought on “Video: Detailed Lumia 1020 Hands On”

  1. the matt finishing is killing me… it looks really nice, but after I plug out the micro USB, it leaves marks… ๐Ÿ™
    bought the Qi shell spine cover, the position of the coil is not really optimised as it sometimes not responding to charge or got out of range easily & possible due to the 2 tiny contact points. but it’s a must have in view of that USB connector marks it leaves. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    as it’s still new, it’s much more fluid & fast with 2GB RAM comparing to my L920.
    another thing, the display is way too bright, straining my eyes. The OLED left some unpleasant burnt marks on the screen (viewable only in the dark) but seems to be normal for their OLED range. The gray hue is not so great as some scales of it turns slightly purplish, those experienced with N8 & 808PV will understand.
    The back & search buttons are closer now but still not close enough as when I operate it using only my right hand, my palm might still touch the search button.
    the matt finishing is not only on the physical buttons but also on the NOKIA words & soft touch buttons too, looks great.

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