A look at the Tizen UI from the Samsung Z

Samsung just made the Z official a few hours ago, and here at the Tizen Developer Conference I got a chance to play with the brand new UI that will ship with the first Tizen smartphone.

The UI is different from the reference Tizen UI that you might have seen before, and is also a departure from Samsung’s usual Touch Wiz interface. You have multiple homescreens, a pull down notification area, you can swipe up to get to all the other apps that don’t find a place on your homescreen, quick toggles in the notification center and so on.

Samsung’s also kept a few similarities, the contacts application is very similar to their Touch Wiz interface. You will also find Samsung’s usual set of apps like SHealth, Download booster, Group Play etc on the Z.  I run through all of this and more in the video above.

Note: The UI that you see will be available on the Samsung Z, but for the purpose of this demonstration is running on a reference Tizen device.

7 thoughts on “A look at the Tizen UI from the Samsung Z”

  1. I think Samsung should ha’ve a premium os becoz android doesn’t premium. You can find android on almost every phone band in the world. When something is rare or scarce is valuable but when it is in large it not special for a label phone.

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