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Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet Demo & Hands On


At Nokia World 2013, Nokia’s just announced a Windows RT tablet called the Lumia 2520, and it is quite a head turner when it comes to its specifications as well as looks. The 10.1″ tablet promises of an 11 hour battery life with its 8000 mAh battery, it runs on a Snapdragon 800 quad core chip, come with 32 GB of storage with a microSD slot for expansion, LTE, and a 6.7 MP Carl Zeiss camera.

Here’s the lowdown.

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Nokia Lumia 1320 Hands On

Lumia 1320

The Lumia 1320 is the second device to be announced at Nokia World 2013 and it along with the 1520 packs a 6″ display. Talking in terms of specs, the 720p ClearBlack screen is paired with LTE, an impressive 3,400mAh battery, a 5MP autofocus camera along with a front facing camera, 8GB of internal storage (with microSD expansion). It packs a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 chip along with 1GB of RAM.

Hands On With The Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520

A reading of the Nokia Lumia 1520’s spec sheet ensures that you come away feeling like it’s a no compromise device. A 6″ 1080p display, 2 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip, a 3400 mAh battery with inbuilt wireless charging, 4 HAAC mics for capturing great audio, a 20 MP Pureview Carl Zeiss camera that brings a lot of the 1020’s heroics in a smaller package, a beautiful unibody design and finally the construction — classic Nokia. That’s to say its solid, feels premium, and comes in a bunch of colours – white, yellow, red and black in this case.

I spent some handy on time with this beast, and this is what I think.

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Nokia World Comes Along, Possibly For The Last Time – October 22, Abu Dhabi

The date and location for what could turn out to the last Nokia World ever has just been announced, and this year’s Nokia extravaganza takes place in Abu Dhabi on the 22nd of October. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Nokia’s handset division, but till the time that happens, its business as usual for Nokia. There have been lots of rumours recently about a Lumia phablet and a Lumia Windows RT tablet, and all of those things are more should come to fruition come the 22nd of October.

Nokia World 2013

This is the first time Nokia’s annual Nokia World event is happening outside Europe, and the fact that this could be the last Nokia World makes it even more special. It takes time for acquisitions such as the present one to close, so it is possible that Nokia might still be the Nokia that we know today by the time Mobile World Congress comes along, but there’s a negligible chance that there will be time for another Nokia World.

I’m sure all the Nokia employees know this, and will be pumped for a final blowout before they come under the big Microsoft umbrella. I greatly look forward to remembering this as the best Nokia World, instead of the last. October 22nd can’t come soon enough.

Hands-On: The Nokia Lumia 920, The Best Lumia Yet

Yesterday Nokia announced its first Windows Phone 8 devices, the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820. The announcements were made at a joint press conference with Microsoft, and the world awaited the official consumer unveiling of the Windows Phone 8 operating system along with Nokia’s delicious hardware. Sadly, only one of them delivered. Microsoft for some strange reason still wants to keep WP8 under wraps, so it was upto Nokia to step up. So while the keynote might have become a bit of a drab because of us being forced to look at the WP 8 start screen being reorganised endlessly, make no mistake, Nokia’s Lumia 920 has actually raised the bar when it comes to premium smartphones.

For the first time, Nokia’s phones have parity with the top tech specs that Android manufacturers are throwing around. The Lumia 920 features a 4.5″ 1280 x 768 HD LCD display that uses Nokia’s Clear Black tech along with PureMotion HD+ that promises lag free scrolling due to extremely fast refresh rates, a 1.5 Ghz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, NFC, a 2000 mAh battery with support for wireless charging, an 8 MP PureView camera, topped off with a beautiful polycarbonate unibody construction that comes in yellow, grey, black, red and white.

Hands-On: The Nokia Lumia 920, The Best Lumia Yet

The Lumia 920 has been blessed with the ‘PureView’ moniker, and this time Nokia’s focus has been on improving low light photography. To that end, the 920 becomes the first phone to feature optical image stabilisation, and coupled with a f 2.0 lens, it should allow you to take great low lights shots, and greatly reduce camera shake in our everyday shots as well. 1080 HD video recorded on the Lumia 920 will also benefit as because of OIS, the video will be a lot smoother and a lot less jumpy. If some of the images Nokia’s shared are to be believed, we are looking at a phone that truly deserves the PureView name.

Another ‘Pure’ tech that Nokia’s introduced with the Lumia 920 is the ‘PureMotion HD+’ display. While they could have just stuck to ‘PureMotion’ as far as the naming goes, the underlying technology is impressive here as well. You can use the Lumia 920 while wearing gloves, with objects and unlike other devices with capacitive screens, you aren’t restricted to using your hands directly. Plus the PureMotion HD+ tech helps remove any visible lag while scrolling, as the screen refreshes faster than any other display on a competing device. If you ask Nokia’s they’ll tell you that its also great for watching movies on the 920’s large 4.5″ display.

I was able to spend some hands on time with the beautiful white Lumia 920:

As far as I am concerned, Nokia has ticked all the right boxes with this device. A great design, top notch hardware, a great camera, beautiful display and a solid battery. Then there are also things like wireless charging and NFC to give users something new to play with. Nokia Maps have gone from strength to strength, and with Windows Phone 8 apps like Nokia Maps and Drive can talk to each other seamlessly. Nokia Music is already available in India, so if you look at the device, it does present a very compelling picture. I would have loved Microsoft to have done more to sell Windows Phone 8 to consumers, but since the actual launch of these devices is still more than a few weeks away, there may still be time.

If Windows Phone 8 is nearly as good as one hopes for, the Lumia 920 has the potential to bring Nokia screaming back into reckoning. Actually, roaring back.