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Easy To Follow Tutorials To Help You Get More From Your Device

Controlling Music With A Shake!

The Nokia Blog has this great video up demonstrating another awesome use of the N95’s built in accelerometer.

In the video the N95 emulates a Sony Ericsson W580i and gets shake music control. The creator of this video claims to have done this within 30 minutes! Great work! Why didn’t Nokia not talk about this great feature when Apple was literally screaming with the iPhone (read iHype)! Can we get an updated Music Player in the new firmware Nokia? Please!

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Symbian Platform Security Breached!


Manko from over at Symbaali has made a ground breaking post! The post tells us how ‘hack’ the until so far caged Symbian directories.

The hack involves intercepting firmware downloaded by Nokia Software Updater. Making modifications to it and then flashing it to the device using the NSU itself. Pretty neat. Antony Pranata a Forum Nokia Champion has verified the hack and it really works!

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Resetting The T9 Dictionary


One of the perenial problems that plague T9 predictive dictionary users is the fact that once your device has “learned” a new word and added it to the predictive lineup, there’s no going back. As was observed by Zach over at SiMo, every time he added a new word to the user dictionary it replaced a more commonly used word. Everyone makes enough mistakes with T9 so the last thing we need is “yes” being replaced by “WEP” every time we type it, as Zach experienced, just because he was talking to someone a month ago about WiFi security.

Fortunately he also posted a solution to the problem which allows us to reset the dictionary to the default. Jonny Bruha from over at Thoughts on S60 has also posted a solution to the problem, which allows us to correct the dictionary without having to loose all of our custom words.


1. Resetting the T9 dictionary completely.

2. Resetting selective words.

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The All In One Torch!

I, for one, find a torch to be a very convenient utility as many a time you find yourself groping for the light switch while in a dark room, searching for your keys on the bedside table or even trying to read the menu in a dark restaurant. The possibilities are endless! TM from The Series 60 Weblog has developed this wonderful freeware for our S60 v3 phones! It is comprises of both a screen light and a LED strobe light.

All In One Torch!

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The Complete How To: MAPS-GPS!


The Nokia N95 and other GPS equipped smartphones can do far more with the GPS than waltz around the maps application and showing off our current GPS position to our friends. It is a great help in planning routes to somewhere and the maps available even respect traffic laws like one way roads! However when you start to use the GPS-MAPS for the first time, things arn’t that easy on the surface and take a little getting used to. In this writeup guest author Jamal Abid explains all the things we’ll need to know before we can put the GPS to real world use!

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WiFi Without Routers!


Have you ever heard of the application called GNUBOX which helps you use your laptop/desktop’s internet on the phone via Bluetooth? It’s quite a lengthy process and most people generally give up trying. However there is a much easier way to share the internet and make it available for our wifi enabled phone. Now, while you can buy a router and make this infinitely easier, guest author Jamal Abid decided to do it the harder way, WiFi connectivity without any router and in the process helped me and i hope a lot of others save money. I dont know if you already know how to get this thing working, but those of you (like me) who didn’t know, what follws is a pretty detailed tutorial.

In this write up he explains how to quickly and conveniently set up internet sharing without the need of any complicated applications or a WiFi router. It is nothing complex, just a series of very simple steps you need to follow exactly.

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