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4squick Updated: Adds Photos & Tips To Your Foursquare Experience

The best foursquare app for Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan devices (N9/N950) has just received an update that brings with it the ability to view photos associated with the venue and read and leave tips. You cannot add photos yet, but hopefully that’s coming in the next version.

4squick Updated: Adds Photos & Tips To Your Foursquare Experience 4squick Updated: Adds Photos & Tips To Your Foursquare Experience

Apart from that it now also remembers your search history and adds some UI modifications to make the app look even more pretty. If you are using a N950 or a N9, the 4squick experience should be better for you, although UI is still directly from Symbian^3 build so everything is a bit small due to the higher resolution in Harmattan.


  • Venue photos support
  • Tips support
    • Read venue tips
    • Add a new tip
    • Share added tip to Twitter and Facebook
    • Mark tips as todo / done
  • Search history with top searches
  • Multiple fixes and UI modifications
  • A bit better Harmattan experience

4squick isn’t available on the Ovi Store yet, but you get get the .sis or .deb file from the download page. If you are new to 4squick, check out the video demo we did last month.

Video: 4squick, Foursquare Client for Symbian Updated

4squick is a foursquare client for Symbian that just came out over a month ago, it was simple and it was fast, not to mention the great looking UI. Today its received an update that brings the ability to share your check-ins on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to that it also launches faster and lets you check-in privately. Other changes include the ability to view the leaderboard to see how you’re doing compared to your friends and the ability to view profiles.

While the official foursquare app was also updated today, its not a patch on the speed and design on which 4squick operates. To show you just how well it works, I’ve put together a quick video that you can watch below.

You can download the application from the developer’s website. The default version comes with the new Nokia Pure font inbuilt, while there is also a version available without it.

If you use foursquare and have a Symbian device, I definitely recommend checking this app out.