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The BH-503 Review

The BH-503 Review

For starters you must be wondering why is there an E90 lying next to the headphones, specially when this is a headphone review. Even if it had to be a phone, why not an Nseries music oriented device that goes well with the scheme of things. The answer is simple. Out of the box, the Nseries devices have far better music capabilities while the Eseries pretty much bites the dust. A little while ago, I found out for myself that Eseriestoo isn’t bad on the inside, if you are willing to make a few adjustments and get yourself a 3.5mm adapter. However, if you couldn’t be bothered doing that, the BH-503 will be just right to address the issue, it complements a device wonderfully.

The BH-503, it is a A2DP, AVRCP device that allows you to listen to music wirelessly in great stereo quality while being able to control playback too. It paired with any A2DP device such as the E90, N95, E51 or even something like a Nokia 6300 makes for a great experience. This is especially true for devices which otherwise are not touted be any good in this department. In essence, it turns any A2DP capable phone into a great music phone, a big testament to its ability. Read on for the complete review.

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Pre Sales Review Of The BH-703

BH-703 Headset - Share on Ovi

I am not a very bluetooth headset person. Infact till about a year back I won’t have even considered wearing one. But with time, thankfully they have become much better looking, slim, sleek and wearable. Courtesy of the good people at WOM World, I was able to get my hands the BH-703, one of the best looking headsets in the market today. I have been using it for a few days now and in this post I try and bring you my thoughts on it.

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