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Quick look: HDFC Bank’s Apple Watch App

Banks making smartphone apps is all the rage these days, but the new frontier is wearables. One of the first banks in India to the party is HDFC, with its Apple Watch app.

The app works by first asking you to setup a watchbanking pin on the iPhone app, and then entering those 4 digits on the watch. Post that the app logs you in without having to enter the Customer ID or password, making the entire process very convenient. There is however, as always, a flip side to convenience. You cannot do a whole lot, and certainly not move money around right from the watch, as that would be a potential security nightmare; what with the app protected by just a 4 digit pin.

But there is still a lot of functionality that makes HDFC’s app a nifty addition to your wrist.

  • You can view account information for all your accounts – saving, current, demat, credit card and so on.
  • Recharge/Bill payment for pre-registered mobile numbers.
  • Request account statements and cheque books.
  • Locate the nearby ATMs and bank branches.
  • View messages from the bank and other offers.
  • Finally, hotlist lost debit cards.

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