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Astronomy With The N95!

Almost everyday we have people putting the N95 to various uses, Ricky Cadden a.k.a. SymbianGuru’s N95 on a Kite or James of Nokia Creative’s under water filming.

Gaurav Rathod, a member of the Nokia N95 Community on Orkut, a social networking website and a member of Khagol Vishwa, an amatuer astronomy organisation has posted two amazing pictures from his 9″ telescope mounted N95.

Update: SkyandTelescope.com also has the pictures up.

The first one is of the planet Saturn:


(Click to Enlarge)

Second is the Comet 17PHolmes:

Comet 17PHolmes

(Click to Enlarge)

This is taking photography to new heights, great work is all I can say. What do you people think? Any other ‘different’ use of the N95’s camera you came across?

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