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Get Nokia Diagnostics On Your S60 5th Edition Device

The Nokia Beta labs has just churned out a seemingly very useful application called ‘Nokia Diagnostics‘. The application has been created with an aim to help users diagnose, troubleshoot, and configure their devices with ease on their own. This application will let you find out if you are roaming, the signal strength of your device, help setup new access point, configure your WLAN setup and so on. Watch this video to get a better idea:

Currently the application offers:

  • Network Coverage test. You can get all the network related information and detect offline status & SIM card presence.
  • Internet Connectivity test. Perform a real-time Internet connectivity test and identify the setting with which you can have a seamless internet access.
  • Battery Charger test. Check if your device charges properly with the charger connected.
  • Loudspeaker, Earpiece test. Check your loudspeaker & earpiece functionality.

If this experimental application takes off, we can expect even more tests to be included in the application. You can download the application from here (requires a sign in) or use this direct link.

The Nokia Software Updater Now Supports Windows 7

In what should come as great news for all those of you running Windows 7 on your PC’s, Nokia Beta Labs has just rolled out a new beta of the Nokia Software Updater that supports Windows 7. This means that you will no longer have to resort to running the NSU in the compatibility mode on your Windows 7 machine.

According to Mikko Inkinen of the Nokia Software Updater team, this is a release candidate and they only plan to keep it in beta for a few weeks. The beta features an improved the USB connection that has been made robust. Also included is a ‘What’s new’ section to tell you a little about the update.

The Nokia Software Updater Now Supports Windows 7

You can head over and download the update right now (direct link – English), specially when Nokia has just releases firmwares for the E72, N86, Nokia N900 and 5800 Xpress Music.

Nokia, can we now have support for the Mac OS please?

Nokia Messaging Hits The Nokia 5800

The wait for all you S60 5th Edition owners is over, the beta labs has just churned out the latest beta of the Nokia Messaging client for the Nokia 5800 and the upcoming N97. It packs the Nokia Messaging usuals like Push email delivery, IMAP subfolders and mobilizing up to ten mailboxes including Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail.

Some of the highlights specific to the S60 5.0 client:

  • Even easier program navigation with support for ‘tap & hold’ contextual functionality
  • The client is completely fingertip-operated, no stylus required
  • Functions both in landscape and portrait views
  • Message previews in the inbox view
  • Displays address book contact photos in messages

Nokia Chat Is Now Contacts On Ovi

Nokia Chat Is Now Contacts On Ovi

The Beta Labs Blog brings news that the Nokia Chat application and been updated and renamed to Contacts On Ovi. Along with the new name come a host of improvements, bug fixes and features like displaying your friend’s location via Nokia Maps. The compatibility has also been widened to include support for FP2 devices such as the N85, N96 and even J2ME capable phones.

You can also use this application to chat with your Google Talk buddies and other XMPP compatible services. The updated clients are available here. Make sure you uninstall Nokia Chat before you install this application. In you are new to this, check out the major features below.

  • Chat: Send instant messages and enrich them with smileys, voice and location messages.
  • Presence: At a glance you can see if your friends are available, busy or on the phone.
  • Enhanced presence: You can  Labslet your friends know what you are listening and broadcast your important scenes.

And while you are at it, make sure you check out the newly updated Nokia Beta Labs Site.

Introducing The Handwriting Calculator

An interesting new application called ‘Nokia Handwriting Calculator‘ has just come out of the Nokia Beta Labs. The application’s function is to allow you to calculate handwritten math expressions with a touch-screen Nokia device that includes, both the Tablets and S60 Touch. While it is nothing groundbreaking, Nokia is using it to demonstrate its new handwriting recognition technology.  What comes as a suprise is that there even exists a Windows version. (Screenshot above – click to enlarge).

The reason for creating a windows variant was perhaps just to allow a broad range of people to experience this technology as both the Tablets and S60 Touch do not have wide penetration yet. Handwriting regognition has existed in devices for a long time now, but that mostly has been for text input, this application is perhaps a change towards more handwriting centric applications.

Here is a video introducting the same by Ilkka Peltola.


Via: Beta Labs

From The Beta Labs: New Nokia Communication Center & Updates For Text Messenger, Location Tagger & Channels

Nokia Communication Center & Other Updates

The folks over at Beta Labs have been keeping busy these days. They have just released a new PC application called ‘Nokia Communication Center‘ which is a new simplified concept for managing messages and contacts in Nokia PC Suite. The good news is that it works with all Nokia devices that are compatible with PC Suite. The bad is that because its an early Beta it might have certain issues. From what I’ve seen of it so far, I like it!

Meanwhile the Nokia Text Messenger gadget for Windows Vista which fetches you the latest text messages from your connected Nokia device and displays them in the sidebar has also been updated.

Also, the wonderful Location Tagger has also received its last update.

Furthermore, the Nokia Channels application has also been reloaded and rebranded and launched as Nokia Headlines. A complete rundown of all the above below.

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