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How To: Sync Your Mobile Contacts With Your Google Account For Free

I’ll keep the introduction on this one short. All us want to be able to sync out Gmail contacts to our S60 devices and not pay for it, this post will tell you how exactly to go about doing that without requiring to install any application. I’ve successfully used Google Mobile Sync on the Nokia N96, a FP2 device as well, but for the purpose of this tutorial I will be demonstrating the setup on an E71 which runs FP1.

  • Make sure you backup your contacts, both on the phone and in Gmail.
  • Navigate to and open the Sync application.
  • From the Options menu select ‘New sync profile’

Sync application

  • Choose any name you like for ‘Sync profile name’

    Sync profile name

  • Select and click ‘Applications’, you will see a list of all content types that your phone can synchronize; however, currently Google Sync only supports Contacts.

  • Select and click ‘Contacts’
    • Make sure the ‘Include in Sync’ option is set to ‘Yes’
    • Define the ‘Remote Database’ option as ‘contacts’. It needs to be spelled exactly like this (lower case), or Google Sync will not work.

      Remote database

    • Click ‘Back’ to exit this screen and save your settings
    • Ensure that only Contacts have ‘Settings defined’ and all other content types say ‘Sett. not defined’
  • Click ‘Back’ to exit this screen and save your settings
  • Select and click ‘Connection Settings’
  • Enter the following values:
    • Server version: 1.2
    • Server ID: Google (capital ‘G’ is important)
    • Data bearer: Internet
    • Access point: the Internet access point for your carrier.

      Server version, server ID, data bearer, access point

    • Host address: https://m.google.com/syncml (Important to enter https for a secure connection)
    • Port: 443
    • User name: your Google Account username, e.g. vaibhav@gmail.com
    • Password: your Google password.
    • Leave other values unchanged.

      Host address, port, user name, password

  • Click ‘Back’ to exit this screen and save your settings
  • Click ‘Back’ again to exit the Sync profile settings
  • Highlight the your Sync profile and select ‘Synchronize’ from the ‘Options’ menu to synchronize your contacts with Google.

Note: On FP2 devices like the N96 & N85, the settings are similar and the only difference is in the order in which they are displayed. Also, Google currently only supports both way syncs, irrespective of the device in use.

Thanks Anuj!