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How To Use Dabr With Multiple Twitter Accounts

I use @Dabr (free and highly recommended) to manage my Twitter activity, however once I started MaemoCentral.com, our sister site dedicated to Maemo and the N900, I started having problems managing both accounts simultaneously. The obvious problem was that I had to keep logging in and out to switch accounts and the N900 not having a decent Twitter application didn’t help matters.

It was then that @Dabr creator @davidcarrington offered me an awesome tip that said:

Tip: m.dabr.co.uk and www.dabr.co.uk can be loggd into with different accounts. Dabr.co.uk too 🙂

So there you have it, next time to want to manage more than one Twitter account via @Dabr, just pick any of the alternate URL’s above. I have been using @MaemoCentral and @TheSymbianBlog and even @v4ibhav without any issues inside one browser.

How To Use Dabr With Multiple=

If you want to use @Dabr with even more accounts, you can search for Dabr mirrors on the internet.