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Nokia India’s Fun ‘Direct The Drama’ Contest

Nokia India is having a fun little contest which can win you a Nokia smartphone while entertaining you at the same time. The concept is delightfully simple, you visit the contest page and see three characters struggling to find answers to, as Nokia puts it – ‘life’s epic dramas’. Each time you are presented with three options and clicking on each plays a short video clip and you know whether you helped out, or made sure that the guy never got the girl.

Nokia India's Fun 'Direct The Drama' Contest

One of the three is the right answer in which the character uses an app to find their way out of the situation. Once you get the right answer, you move onto the next drama and the story keeps on unfolding. Clicking on the ‘wrong answers’ is fun too, the schadenfreude you experience is entertaining.

Nokia India's Fun 'Direct The Drama' Contest

Finally you reach this page, where you get to play director (scriptwriter technically). Click though to Facebook and pen how you think would the story progress. Make sure you use three apps made for Nokia devices in your story, and who knows, you might win yourself a Nokia smartphone!

A good way to kill time on a weekend. Check it out here.