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Here’s How To Download Swype On The Nokia N8

The Nokia C7 has been blessed with Swype officially. The application is available for the download via the Ovi Store and since the C7 is also a Symbian^3 device, just like the N8, the same version also works on it. So how do you go about downloading it? Simple, fool the Ovi Store into thinking you have a C7. Just visit this Ovi Store link, manually change your device to the C7, hit the send to mobile button. Open the text message that you receive on the your mobile and download Swype. Easy.

Download Swype Nokia N8

Swype installed on the Nokia N8.

Download Swype Nokia N8 Download Swype Nokia N8

What are the disadvantages? There’s no portrait keyboard, so you can only Swype in landscape. So if you can’t wait for Swype on your shiny N8, here’s how to get it. Otherwise, wait for the official N8 version, it cannot be far.

[via: Daily Mobile]