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Nokia’s ‘Drop The Pin’ Campaign Takes On BlackBerry’s BBM With WhatsApp

WhatsApp is great, it lets you chat, share pictures, audio, emoticons and location to fellow WhatsApp’ers for free. All you need is a simple data plan. What’s even better is the way it works, you do not need to add people to your friend list, if they are in your phonebook and use WhatsApp, they will automatically show up in your friend list. You can even have group chats if you want.

Nokia's 'Drop The Pin' Campaign Takes On BlackBerry's BBM With WhatsApp

Compare that to BlackBerry’s BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). You pay a pretty penny just to get it work, no web browsing included. Then you go looking for people’s BBM PIN’s to actually add them to your messenger and the BBM pins being the eight character hexadecimal identification numbers that they are, are virtually impossible to recall.

So what Nokia is saying is that they might not have BBM, but they have the multi-platform WhatsApp, that’s in addition to Symbian, is available on Android, iPhone and even BlackBerry so you can chat all you want with all your friends irrespective of the smartphone they use.

Drop the pin they say, and I agree.

WhatsApp is that good! Needless to say, I love this kind of direct, in your face advertising.