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New Nokia E51 Firmware v400.34.011 Now Available

Nokia surely believes in the maxim, ‘when it rains, it pours’. Following on from the N97 and the N96, the E51 has also been given a new firmware in the form of v400.34.011. According to the release notes, this software release brings improvements and increased stability in Mail for Exchange and SMS reception. It also improves stability and usability for VoIP and WLAN. The release also mentiones ‘robustness improvements when pressing the Home key’, translating to better responsiveness perhaps.

Thus, the update brings more of bug fixes than anything else, flash is the the same old at 2.1. If you are concerned, the update also makes the device ‘unhackable’ for now. Since the E51 does not support over the air downloads or user data preservation, you will have to use the NSU to update and will loose all data on the phone memory.

New E51 Firmware v200.34.36 Out

Wow! Nokia is really turning it on these past few days. After updates for the N95-3, N95-4 and the E61i, the E51 is the latest to have got this blessing. This update takes the firmware on the E51 up from v100.34.30 to v200.34.36. The firmware is still not available across all product codes, 0546184 seems to have it. Sadly, few details are available as to the improvements, there are no ground breaking additions though (No FL3). It also prevents ROM modding, if you care.

In case you are running Vista and want to upgrade, just hit Properties on the NSU, in the Compatability tab select XP SP2 and the software should work just fine from there on, allowing you to update.

N81 v/s E51: The Hunt For A Mid Tier S60

The Hunt For A Mid Tier S60

A lot of the times when we think of getting a new handset, the top tier of the Nseries pops into mind; my phone of choice the N95-8GB, the superb N82 or the venerable N95 Classic. However these are what you call high end and phones. What if somebody is looking for a nice mid tier S60 about 350$, nothing really fancy but something that ‘does the job’.  With this in mind what options do we have?

The 6120, the E51, the N81 and perhaps the N73. In today’s time WiFi is a must, so is the camera, music playing ability and decent battery life never hurt anyone. With that in mind, if we narrow down, that only leaves the N81 and the E51 in contention. This post pits the E51 against the N81 in the search for the best mid tier S60.

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