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Nokia E7 Unboxing & Hands On

The Nokia E7 is one device that feels absolutely great in the hand, it is built like a tank, feels a little heavy in a good way. You actually feel as if you are carrying an impressive piece of technology along.

At Nokia India’s E7 event, we got to to play with a bunch of E7’s and I must say they even felt better than the first time I had played with one at Nokia World. Friend of the site, Clinton Jeff was also at the event as we decided to do a joint unboxing and a quick hands on.

Since this was completely hands on and a spur of the moment thing, there may be times when the video feels a little less than coherent, therefore if you think there are things we missed, let me know in the comments section below.

Watch it the E7 unboxing and hands on in HD here.

The Nokia E7 In Pictures & How To Win One For Yourself

A few days ago Nokia India hosted a little E7 event to showcase the upcoming Eseries flagship and share a few details about the incredibly beautiful device. Minutes after the event, the Microsoft-Nokia deal hit the interwebs and I decided on holding back on the E7 coverage.

The Nokia E7 In Pictures & How To Win One For Yourself

Back to the E7, we now know that it will be coming to India in Black and Silver first, will come preloaded with a new ‘Business TV’ app, that is basically allows you to stream three business channels like CNBC to the E7. There is no official word on the market price or availability yet, but I expect the device to hit stores next month.

Here is a gallery of the E7, with size comparisons with the Galaxy S, iPhone and Nokia N8 thrown in. As you will notice, it easily manages to hold its own.

And yes, it the Macbook Air and the E7 are a deadly pair.

On another positive note, the Search For 7 contest to win a Nokia E7 each day for 7 days has just been announced, so head over to nokia.com/e7/searchfor7 and get cracking.