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New Nokia E75 Firmware v201.12.01 Now Available

Hot on the heels of updates for the E63, E71 and the E66 comes the v201 update for the E75. The update is a 153 MB download via the Nokia Software Updater and currently isn’t available over the air. The new firmware is a major update and brings a host of improvements and bug fixes such as an update to the Nokia Messaging application and the web browser.

Quickoffice is now upto v5.3 and Ovi Contacts have also been integrated with the contacts application. Steve over at AAS has compiled a list of changes for Nokia E75 v201.12 firmware and it is a definite must update.

  • Ovi Contacts now integrated
  • Facebook, YouTube and MySpace shortcuts in Applications folder
  • N-Gage client updated
  • Calendar speed improvements and synchronisation bug fixes
  • Share online client updated
  • Qwerty keyboard optimisations to increase accuracy
  • Nokia Messaging client updated
  • Contacts speed improvements
  • Web update to next-gen browser, v7.1 – faster, smoother
  • Overall S60 UI speed improvements
  • Quickoffice updated to v5.3, with Office 2007 support (v6.0 Quickoffice Premier is a free upgrade within the app)

New Nokia E75 Firmware v. 110.48.125 Now Available

Nokia has rolled out a new firmware v. 110.48.125 for the Nokia E75, up from v100.48.78. The new firmware is available over-the-air (OTA) by simply pressing *#0000# from the standby screen and checking for updates. (Detailed guide on how to update OTA here). The phone features user data preservation (UDP) so your data should be fine even after the update, however a backup never hurts. The update should also be available via the windows only Nokia Software Updater.

New Nokia E75 Firmware v. 110.48.125 Now Available New Nokia E75 Firmware v. 110.48.125 Now Available

The update is 5MB in size and the entire process of updating hardly takes 5 minutes and I am updating as I write this post. Unfortunately, the changelog isn’t available yet, but I will try and see if I find something new/different.


  • The device seems faster, more snappy.
  • The email list in the default email application loads much faster, specially if you have a lot of emails in the inbox. However, its still sluggish on the whole.
  • The turn controls are gone. Yes gone. You can no longer turn to silence calls/alarms. Why would Nokia do this? I can’t imagine, so this is important to you take a call of whether you want the update.
  • The seems to be no ‘new’ feature, just basic bug fixes.

10 Things I Like About The Nokia E75

I have been using the Nokia E75 as my primary device for a few days now and before bringing you the full review, I want to share ten things that I instantly liked about the E75. I will be following this piece up with things that I do not like about the E75, so make sure you check back in for the complete picture.

10 Things I Like About The Nokia E75

  • Build Quality: The build quality on this thing is phenomenal. There are zero creaks, the slide is smooth, no play anywhere and the device just feels one solid monoblock. A person who’s new to the E75 won’t come to know that the QWERTY slides out as well, that solid.
  • 3.5mm Jack: This makes a huge difference in the music quality on the E75. It is now upto the mid range Nseries level. The radio features both the Visual Radio for FM and the Internet radio. The FM quality is way better, the E71 or the E90 even with the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter plugged in came no where close.
  • Camera: The camera software is now a copy of the one found in the Nseries and I’m glad Nokia have not held back features like Geo-Tagging and LED support for video just because this was an ‘Eseries’.
  • Email: The Nokia E75 incorporates the Nokia Messaging like layout within the messaging client and its setup is a breeze. The part I liked was that it handles Google Apps email accounts seamlessly as well. The one thing I’d like to get rid off are those transitions, it makes the client much slower or perhaps tries to hide its slowness.  Either way, this must be worked upon.
  • Keyboard: When I first saw the E75 I wasn’t too impressed with its flat keyboard, however after using it for a few days I like it. The feedback from a press of a key is definite and the speeds I can achieve are pretty reasonable as well. This is without much practice, with time I’m sure this will improve further.
  • Speed: To be honest, I’ve never really liked FP2 much just because I’ve always felt that it was much slower as compared to its predecessor. The FP2 on this Eseries doesn’t seem to suffer from this and I have found the E75 to be pretty snappy, not E71 fast but fast enough for the other FP2 benefits to weigh in.
  • MicroSD & MicroUSB Flaps: The flaps on the microSD and USB slots now have a special opening on their sides for the fingernail so that they can be opened easily. This is a pretty small thing, but goes a long way in the overall experience.
  • Charging: The E75 supports charging from BOTH the propriety Nokia charger as well as USB and this is the way it should be. Insanely convenient. On the N85 they just had USB charging and I had a pretty bad time when I would forget the charger at home.
  • Standby Screen Dialing: The standby screen dialing, introduced on the E71, allows you to bring up a contact right on the standby screen by simply typing in his/her name. You then have the options to make a call, send a text and so on. Incredibly convenient and I’m glad it found its way on the E75 as well.
  • Gallery: Nokia have done a commendable job briging the old 6680/6630 gallery back. The ‘Songs’ no longer opens the music player, it just lists whatever tracks I have. The images and videos are now listed separately as well. The thumbnail generation is also pretty quick. Check out these screenshots below for a better idea.

Gallery On The Nokia E75

If you want me address any specific aspect of the Nokia E75 in the coming days, please drop a line below. For the latest updates make sure you follows us on Twitter as well.

Technical Specs Of The N86, E55, E75 & Other Handsets Announced At The MWC

The Mobile World Congress saw Nokia release not two, not four by five new S60 devices. We have all seen pictures, videos and basic specifications of the N86, E55, E75, 6710 Navigator and the 6720 Classic but the real geeks and S60 enthusiasts are always interested in the insides of the device, what processor the phone runs, supported Bluetooth profiles and so on.

For those of you Forum Nokia has published the technical specifications of all the above mentioned devices. The interesting thing to note here is that Nokia has slowly moved away from the standard 369MHz processors to the 600 MHZ ones on the E55, 6710 and 6720 with the exception of the E75 which still runs on 369MHz.


via: AAS

N-Gage Comes To The Eseries: The Nokia E75 Is Finally Official (Specs & Pictures Inside)

BARCELONA, Spain – After much adieu and numerous leaks, the E75 has finally been officially acknowledged by Nokia. The handset will weigh in at 139 grams and be 111.8 x 50.8 x 14.4 mm in size, no mean feat for a slide out full QWERTY device. It will run on a 1000 mAh battery and pack a 2.4 inch display with a 240 x 320 pixel resolution. It will also be the first Eseries to support N-Gage. A brilliant move by Nokia.

Nokia E75 Official Pics

Another remarkable thing about the E75 will be the presence of a 3.5mm jack, unlike the 2.5mm found on most Eseries before the E63. Apart from this, the device will sport a 3.2 MP camera with an LED flash, A-GPS, WIFI, a microSD card slot. The Nokia E75 comes loaded with the new Nokia Messaging service for slick email HTML email support and will also ship with a free subscription of the same.

E75 Spec: Download The Data Sheet Here.

  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 (Quad-Band), WCDMA: 900/2100 (Dual-Band), HSDPA (3.6Mbps) connectivity
  • 240×320 px QVGA display
  • 3.2 mpx camera with auto-focus, digital zoom, LED flash, Hi-Res VGA Video Recording, and 30 fps QVGA recording
  • FM Radio
  • Wi-Fi
  • A-GPS
  • microSDHC memory card slot
  • 3.5 mm AV connector, Bluetooth 2.0, microUSB
  • Dual Home Screens (Work/Personal) – similar to E71
  • DualKeypad Design
  • Nokia Maps
  • PDF Document Viewer
  • ZIP File Manager

The Nokia E75 is expected to ship in March at an estimated retail price of €375, before taxes and subsidies.

PICTURES: Official Pictures Here

Nokia E75
Nokia E75
Nokia E75

More pictures here.