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New Nokia E90 Firmware v. 400.34.93 Now Available

Just when you though that the time of the Nokia E90 was over, Nokia have gone ahead and released a new firmware v. 400.34.93 for the E90, up from v. 300.34.84. Details with regard to changes/improvements are thin as of now and the update is expected to brings bug fixes and help make the device faster.

There are updates to Maps and flash, however Maps 3.0 still hasn’t made it to the E90, nor has Ovi integration which we are now seeing on newer Eseries devices. The usual caveats about backing up your data etc apply, remember that the E90 doesn’t have user data preservation unlike the newer FP2 devices.

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E71 v/s E90 v/s T9 – Which Is The Fastest?

E71 QWERTY v. E90 QWERTY v. T9

One of the reasons the E71 was so hotly anticipated was because it brought QWERTY back into the Eseries after quite a while, the last Eseries in the same form factor being the E61i. But because of its size, it created doubts in the minds of a lot of people about its real world usability. I have been a Nseries man for a long time and since it still offers no QWERTY, I became really proficient with T9 and never really felt the need for QWERTY. A few months ago I bought my first Eseries device, the E90 and still found myself using T9 on it more than the internal keyboard. It was just too wide for me, however with the E71 that changed. This in my opinion is the best form factor for a QWERTY device and when coupled with predictive text and auto correct, it makes for a deadly combo.

This post pits the E90 and a T9 based device, against the E71 and we try and find out which is the best text entry solution.

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The E90 In All Its Mocha Glory

The E90 In All Its Mocha Glory

We’ve seen a few pictures of the Black version of the E90 float around the internet these past few days. The new ‘improved version’ apart from coming in black takes care of the keypad caused marks that used to be left on the inner screen by implementing a redesigned lower-profile keyboard. Initial reports suggest that this has made typing on the inner keyboard feel worse. Further, on a more cosmetic note, the new E90 also has blackened hinges to go with its full black outlook. I personally love black coloured phones but somehow I don’t really like this one, specially those hinges! In my opinion, and feel free to disagree, the E90 in Mocha looks much more ‘regal’.

As far the smuging on the mocha E90 goes, that can be taken care of a simple screen protector that costs not more than 5 Euros and the cleaning cloth that comes with it. I have personally been using the E90 for over two months and every couple of days I just wipe the screen clean with any soft cloth and its back to being brand new. Plus since I’m not rubbing the screen directly, this won’t affect its anti glare coating either.

To get you back from the E90 Black’s spell, here are a few shots of the E90 in all its Mocha Glory.

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Change Log For E90 Firmware v210.34.75

Change Log For E90 Firmware v210.34.75

A few days ago, Firmware v210.34.75 came out for the E90. The new firmware as oppossed to the v07.40 brings Flash Lite 3, a new version of Quickoffice, loads of bug fixes and stability improvements amongst other things. This E90 firmware brings it on par with other Nseries handets such as the N95 variants and the N82 that can play Flash Video in the browser. Not so long ago in early April v200.34.72 had come out for a few product codes that brought the same features, this firmware brings nothing new as compared to that and infact prevents ‘ROM Modding’ in case you happen to care.

Full changelog below.

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New E90 Firmware v210.34.75

New Firmware For The E90

Just when I was just thinking of formatting my E90 because it had got cluttered with applications and also because some rogue application was really eating into its battery life, Steve brings news that a new Firmware – 210.34.75, is out for the E90. The good thing about it is that the firmware seems to be available across most unlocked phone product codes, unlike the Nseries with which a lot of people need to change their product to update if they do not want to wait, like Nokia would have them.

This update doesn’t bring anything that v200.34.73 did not have, apart from bug fixes. I am updating as I write and should I see something new/different I’ll be sure to update the post. Read on for the AAS Changelog and my experience with NSU running on XP!

[Update: Those of you who are into ROM patching, might want to stay clear of this firmware].

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A Clash Of The Titans: But Does The Winner Take All?

But Does The Winner Take All?

A little while back I wrote a N82 and N95 8GB comparison to pick out a winner and although close but the 8GB won. When we look at the Eseries for a flagship, there is only one device looking us in the face, the E90. While Nseries has a tendency of churning out flagship devices at a quick clip, this isn’t quite the case with Eseries. Traditionally Eseries has been all business with poor cameras, the old pop port, not so great music and so on while the Nseries has been all of that and then some more. When the E90 came out, it bridged this gap, at least theoretically with a 3.2 auto focus camera, stereo speakers, A2DP, GPS almost everything that one looks for in a music phone. But is it enough to make a long time Nseries owner jump ship?

This post pits two unlikely phones, flasgships of two different series against each other and we try and pick a winner.

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