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Nokia Liam (E71) & Nokia Dora (E66?) Leaked

Nokia Liam

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This is a week of leaks, and the Boy Genius has the scoop of the year so far! He has published the entire vodafone lineup for 2008. It includes BlackBerrys, HP’s new Windows Mobile phones, the new Nokia Symbian devices, and even the new Palm devices! What is of importantance to me (us) are two Symbian Nokia devices, the Nokia Liam and Dora both Eseries.

Nokia Dora

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The specs for both devices are good and the E65 successor, Dora looks much more beautiful than its successor. Can’t wait for the official announcement. CES?

A Handy Solution To Formatting Woes


Most power users feel compelled to format their S60 devices after a few months of usage as the phone gets too cluttered with the applications they have installed. However what holds them back is that fact that reinstalling all the apps they need after the format is a pain.

After a firmware upgrade also we face the same problem. A friend just IM’d me this wonderful freeware application called InstFast that helps install multiple applications in one go with a minimum of dialog boxes! Unfortunately I couldn’t find out anything about the developers.

It works like a like Batch Installer. You select a bunch of Apps, place them in a folder and it will Install them all at once with Minimal Installation Pop-ups! Supported files include sis, sisx & jar. By default the path is set to a temp directory but you can select a particular location. It also allows you to decide whether you want to install in the Phone Memory or the Memory Card. Very neat!

You will need to sign it with your developer certificate from symbian signed before installation.


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Themes For A Lifetime

tribal-stripes-by-supertonic.jpg inducevault-by-atlantis.jpg

Rita has probably made the find of the year! She’s just found Nokioteca, the homeland of all glorious Italian themers like Jendell, Ivanov, Giambi, Gnokkia, Babi, Pasco, Pizero, Luca and Lillium to name a few! Whether you are a theme freak or someone like me who just likes clean, plain and polished themes its a must visit.

There is one catch though, the forum is in Italian and if you can get yourself registered with a translator or something, its game on! Jump over for all the details! Screenshots courtesy Rita again!

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Multitasking: Multiple Windows In The S60 Browser

The user manual for the N95 says that it can open multiple windows in the browser but even after three firmwares I am yet to see that option materialise. However what the latest v20 firmware has done, is give the N95 a decent ammount of free RAM. Under the old circumstances I never really dreamed of managing multiple windows on the browser, however things have changed and we are in a position to do so. I sucessfully opened four websites including AAS, Symbian-Guru, WOM World, The Symbian Blog. When I tried opening the heaviest of them all Intomobile, it did load but after a while the other four crashed! However the max anyone will open is about theree, which is just fine.

Four Windows Open

For the other devices too, such as the N82, N81 and the others with decent ammount of RAM already, multiple windows on high speed wifi/3G connections is something practical. There are two methods I have been using to open multiple windows, here’s a rundown of both of them.

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