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Nokia Unveils The E5, C3 & C6

At the Everyone Connect virtual event, Nokia has just announced three new devices, the a new Eseries in the form of E5, and two Cseries devices, the C3 and C6.


Espoo, Finland – Nokia has announced three new handsets – the Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 – designed to put better messaging and social networking tools in the hands of more people around the world, at affordable prices. These new handsets feature full QWERTY keyboards, and enable access to a range of different email accounts, IM communities and social networks.

“Our messaging device range is very successful,” said Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s Head of Markets. “Services that provide easy access to the world’s consumer and corporate email and instant messaging are really popular on our QWERTY smartphones such as the Nokia E71 and Nokia E63. People want the best messaging and social networking experience on an affordable device, whether it’s sending a simple text or instant message, an email, or a direct message from their Twitter account. The Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 are made for just that.”

The Nokia C3 is the first device to bring a full QWERTY keyboard to the world’s most popular mobile phone platform – Series 40 – and is the first in the range to enable access to social networks directly on the homescreen. People can view, comment, update their status and share pictures to their favorite social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

At an estimated price of EUR 90, before taxes and subsidies, the Nokia C3 also comes with Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat, meaning first time users can set up email and chat accounts straight from the device, without the need for a PC. Other notable features are the Wi-Fi connectivity, a two megapixel camera, rich color 2.4 inch screen and support for up to an 8GB memory card. The Nokia C3 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2010 in a variety of appealing colors, including golden white, slate grey and hot pink.

The Nokia C6 is a Symbian-based smartphone combining the benefits of a 3.2 inch touch screen with a full slide out keyboard. The large screen provides a great Internet experience, as well as offering access to Facebook feeds directly on the homescreen. A full suite of email and social networking capabilities means the Nokia C6 is perfect for people who want to stay up to date while on the go.

Expected to be available in the second quarter of 2010 at an estimated price of EUR 220, before taxes and subsidies, the Nokia C6 has an impressive feature set including a high quality five megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, and Ovi Maps with free walk and drive navigation. In addition, thousands of apps – from games and videos to news aggregators and web services – are available in the Ovi Store.

Rounding off the trio is the latest addition to the Nokia Eseries range, the Nokia E5. Designed for those that want to be productive in both their professional and personal lives, the Symbian-based Nokia E5 follows the successful blueprint of devices such as the Nokia E72 and Nokia E63. The Nokia E5 combines high quality business features with all of the personal networking and entertainment capabilities that a busy professional expects from a smartphone.

The Nokia E5 is perfect for managing busy schedules with a variety of productivity applications available in the Ovi Store. And with direct access to over 90 percent of the world’s corporate email through Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, it’s easy to keep in contact from anywhere.

Estimated price of the Nokia E5 is EUR 180, before taxes and subsidies, with expected availability in the third quarter of 2010.

Nokia’s New Messaging Solutions To Debut Hours From Now – April 13, 0900 Hrs GMT

The events.nokia.com page is counting down to – Everyone Connect. What it signifies is anyone’s guess, but what is certain is that the mystery will be revealed just hours from now. Its been ages since Nokia has announced a device and as much as all of us would want to see them do just that, I have a feeling this one will be services focussed, messaging specifically.

I’ve also received an invitation to this event from the good people at WOM World Nokia, as always you can also join in at events.nokia.com/everyoneconnect/. What is interesting about the invite is the “PS: Hold on to the invite ;)”.

Nokia Everyone Connect

If you look at the back of the invite, you will notice a bubble that is usually used to demonstrate chats and conversations. Another clue that Nokia hid in the counter was the follow imagine which again talks about messaging.

Nokia Everyone Connect - Hidden Message

In an event so ‘messaging’ branded, I am almost certain the much rumored N8 will not make an appearance. It is just not a messaging device. The last time Nokia held such an event, they announced that Ovi Maps navigation was going free, what will it be this time?

We Are Giving Away THREE Nokia N900’s!

Two days ago I asked you on Twitter, ‘If you were able to buy any Nokia device in the market today, what would it be?’. The answer was an overwhelming vote for the N900!

Turns out, that it is contest time here on The Symbian Blog and we are giving you a chance to win not one, not two but 3 Nokia N900’s! If you haven’t have had a chance to play with a N900 yet, I can tell you that it is an amazing device that you will thoroughly enjoy, I bought one the moment I played with my review unit.

[Update – You have until 11:59 PM IST on the 23rd of April to get your entries in.]

Now back to the contest, here is how to enter:

Here Is Your Chance To Win 3 Nokia N900's

Once you do that you will have three avenues to win:

  • First: Simply tell us what you think of the application – things you like and things you would like to see improved. The top review judged on criteria such as value and merit will be awarded a Nokia N900. Over.
  • Second: Share your Ovi Store experience with us along with what you think would make the Ovi Store perfect. Over.
  • Third: You need to do nothing for this one. Once you have downloaded the Hi-N-Bye application from the Ovi Store, simply enter your name in the comments section below and at the end of the contest, we will choose one lucky winner based on a random draw.

About Hi-N-Bye:

Hi-N-Bye is a motion controlled accelerometer based application that recognizes hand gestures and eliminates the need of using physical buttons to complete tasks such as answering a call, switching on the loudspeaker, switching between calls and terminating them.

When your phone rings, you can simply look at who is calling and simply put the phone to your ear without pressing a button and the call will be automatically answered. If you are wondering how this works, the following video should help:

Hi-N-Bye is currently 3€ (4$, 2.6£ or 175 INR) at the Ovi Store and has been tested on N82, N95, N96, 5800, N97, N97 mini and the X6, but should work on similar devices as well.


  • The contest is open to everyone, irrespective of geographic location.
  • Only one entry per person, however you can enter in all three categories if you wish.
  • The last date for submitting your entries for the first two categories is the 18th of April.
  • The last date for entering the lucky draw (third category) is the 23rd of April (11:59 PM IST).
  • You can enter the first and second categories by writing a comment below. If you have a blog, you can also write a post with your opinion and then link to this post.
  • Downloading the Hi-N-Bye application from the Ovi Store is mandatory for entering this contest.
  • The decision of the organisers is final and no queries will be entertained with regard to the selection process. More fine print here.
  • Subscribe via  RSS, Email or Twitter so that you don’t miss out on any updates.

The Ovi Maps Route Race At SXSW

Day 3 of SXSW and the brilliant folks at WOM World had something incredibly awesome planned – the Ovi Maps Route Race. The idea was simple – navigate around Austin with Ovi Maps. The fun part was that we were going to be doing it on Segways and on a ‘confrence bike’. The experience was incredible, but that’s not really why I am writing this post. It is to share the navigation experience.

The Ovi Maps Route Race At SXSW

As you are aware, Ovi Maps navigation just went free worldwide for quite a number of devices, including the N97 and that’s the Nokia we used today. Austin, Texas dosen’t have many tall buildings and today was a clear day – perfect conditions for a good GPS connection so the N97 had no problems keeping a lock.

A route was already planned using the http://maps.ovi.com/ page and then sync’ed to the N97 from within the Ovi Maps app. This is important, because in a new city you could sit back at the hotel, ask for the city’s landmarks and then put them in your route and give yourself a nice tour.

Once we got navigating we realised that Ovi Maps has amazing accuracy, it won’t just stop navigating near the landmark we’d set, but it would only stop when we were exactly there. This caused a lot of delays in our trip as we had to wait for everyone to checkin before moving on, but if I were  on my own I’m sure I’d appreciate that.

Since the route was already sync’d in, we just had to select it to get going. Like it is while using driving navigation, the app would recalculate when we missed a turn or over shot it. The audio directions were clear and perfectly timed.  To sum it up, we used Ovi Maps to use create a route, sync it, follow it and reach our destination- all without much fuss and for free. I will have to say it delivered. What more could you ask for? Bettter search perhaps?  

Day 1 Of South By Southwest

Day 1 Of South By SouthwestI am at the South by Southwest festival here in Austin, Texas and things are just getting started. Here are a few observations and experiences that I had on day 1 of the festival.

  • Picking up a device – Since I had decided I would not be lugging a laptop to the convention center, the first task at hand was to pick the equipment I was going to take along. I ended up with the E72 and the N900. The E72 decision was simple, I do not have a local SIM and the Boingo plus Truphone combo negates the need for one. Since both these apps work well on the E72, it became an obvious choice because of dependable battery life. The next question was N86 v N900. Since I was not taking the laptop, the N900’s power was very tempting and the camera on the N86 was tempting too. However, the E72 can do most things the N86 can and I wanted a large screen device, the N86 took a back seat.
  • Of Macs & iPhones – The moment I entered the convention center all I could see were Macbooks and iPhones. On my way to Austin I did see a lot of Droids and Blackberrys which made be think that Amercica was changing, but no. Its all about Apple here. (Just so you know, I use a Macbook as well).
  • Sessions – Inbetween all the fun we were having I was able to attend a few sessions here and there. One of which was about how technology is affecting relationships and another was a discussion between developers about making games for the iPhone. Between all the cribbing about the approval process the one thing that stood out for me was the fact that they acknowledge that the golden age of the App Store is over as far as the devs are concerned. With a billion apps, its just too hard for your app to get noticed.
  • Symbian – Oddly enough, while I was at the Apple discussion, I also noticed a pretty ‘out there’ invitation from Symbian. In every SXSW goody bag, Symbian has managed to put in one of these awesome cards. Ideally we should have seen something like the Apple roundtable for Symbian as well, but this is not a perfect world, at least not yet.

Symbian at SXSW

Its 9 AM here in Austin and we are just about start day 2 of SXSW and if the first day was anything to go by, today is going to be even more fun.

Demo Of Nokia’s High Speed Wireless Transfer Concept – Explore & Share From My Visit To TWWLN

Demo Of Nokia's High Speed Wireless Transfer Concept - Explore  & Share From My Visit To TWWLNAs I have told you before, I had gone to Helsinki for The Way We Live Next event last year and Nokia had some really interesting demos from the work being done at the Nokia Research Center. There I was fortunate to witness and be able to witness, interview and film a demo of the Explore & Share concept that allows wireless data transfer at very high speeds.

The setup is based on a new radio technology built from a scratch. At Nokia house it was being demoed on a specially modded N900 and as you can see in the video below, an entire album was bought and transferred in under 10 seconds. For some reason I missed publishing this video before, and was reminded by Nokia Conversation’s post about Explore & Share today.

This demo unit sees you place your device on a ‘writer’ which is connected to a separate touchscreen monitor. This new radio tech forms a short-range connection between the writer and the device, and doesn’t use any other radio networks – the writer is immediately paired with and recognizes your handset, and instantly brings up relevant content that is available for it on the large touchscreen monitor. From here you simply tap to transfer the apps, music albums, games, apps, videos and other extras you fancy, direct to your phone in a flash.

Of all the demos that we have seen from the Nokia research Center, this is one I’d really like to see go mainstream.