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Portrait Browsing Coming To The N900 – Nokia Announces Official Qt Port To Maemo 5

News from the Maemo Summit is starting to flow in thick and fast. First up, the N900 will get portrait browsing via an update before Christmas. Currently, the only application that works in portrait mode on the N900 is the telephone.

Next, we have been hearing about this for a while now, but Nokia has just officially announced the QT port to Maemo 5. This means that developers can now use Qt to target the upcoming Nokia N900 and also ensures that applications can be easily ported to all Qt’s supported platforms including the next Maemo 6 release as well as Symbian and Windows Mobile. The port will be based on Qt’s upcoming version 4.6 and is scheduled for final release in Q1 of 2010.

If you are developer looking to support the Qt port Maemo to Maemo 5,  http://qt.gitorious.org is the place to participate in its further development. If you can looking to learn more about Qt 4.6  http://qt.nokia.com is your destination. The Symbian port of Qt 4.6 will be launched next week at the Qt Developer Days conference in Munich. The Qt port to Maemo 5 technology preview, is available at http://qt.nokia.com/maemo.

Portrait Browsing Coming To The N900 - Nokia Announces Official Qt Port To Maemo 5

In an awesome move, Nokia is also giving all participants on the Maemo Summit a N900 on loan for 6 months in order to get feedback on the device. Yes, I know I should’ve been at the summit too! Image via Mark.

The Maemo Summit Is Now Underway

The three day Maemo Summit is now underway in Amsterdam, the Maemo Summit 2009 is the second, annual get-together of the Maemo Community. Technology enthusiasts, apps developers, and platform developers meet to network, share their latest innovation, learn about future trends and just have fun. The summit will revolve around one Nokia day (today) and two community days where you can expect application demoes and other development related stories.

Ready for the show

You can look up the entire schedule here to see if you find something interesting or you can catch the collaborative live blog from the folks at All About Maemo (Rafe), The Nokia Blog (Mark) and Maemo Talk (Reggie). Alternatively, you can follow the #maesum hash tag on Twitter for the latest from everyone at the summit.

Image from the Maemo Summit courtesy Peter.