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Nokia Belle Now Available: Promises A Whole New Symbian Experience

Nokia Belle (Symbian Belle if you will) devices have been available for some time, but its finally time for the likes of the N8 and E7 to get a taste of Belle goodness in the form of the v111.030 firmware. The update completely revamps the old Symbian UI in favour of multiple homescreens, widgets and a pull down notification bar ala Android and recently iOS.

It also features a ton of other improvements, not the least of which is the web browser. So not only will your experience feel smoother, the update will also rid you of the pesky ‘memory full’ errors. Needless to say this is a highly recommended update. However, because the sheer amount of changes, there will be no over-the-air availability and you will have to find a Windows machine running the latest Nokia Suite to carryout the update.

Despite Nokia Suite’s ability to restore your data automatically, it is prudent to manually back up as well. As always, the update is being rolled out in phases, country by country and product code by product code. Fortunately, Nokia has a nice map up which lists exactly which countries and product codes are seeing the update, an excellent tool.

The update is available in India, most parts of Asia, Europe and even the United States. More on All About Symbian.

If you couldn’t wait for the official Belle update and are running the ‘leaked’ versions, My Nokia Blog reports that should be able to update via the Nokia Suite as well.