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Free Navigation Comes To The E71 & E66

‘You spoke, we listened’ is what the Nokia Conversations post detailing the free navigation offering for the E71 and E66 starts with and I have got to say that this is phenomenal news for all you E71 and E66 owners. You can now enjoy free worldwide pedestrian and car navigation on your E71 or E66 along with all the other benefits of Ovi Maps such as side loading of maps and the ability to use them without a data connection.

Free Global Navigation Comes To The E71 & E66

The only things missing from the offering are Michelin and Lonely Planet guides, an almost non issue. Why I am specially pumped about this news is because in my experience the E71 had stellar GPS performance.

The process of making the latest version of Ovi Maps available for existing devices is quite involved, but the team managed to include complete navigation functionality. Due to technical constraints in backporting the app to existing devices, it isn’t possible to offer further premium content such as Guide Michelin and Lonely Planet guides. These two devices will also be the last of our S60 3.1 and older devices to sport this version of Ovi Maps.

The free navigation edition of the Ovi Maps application is available from the maps.nokia.com website, in case you are reading on the go, I have managed to extract the direct download link. If you read through the quote, you will notice that the E71 and E66 will be the last S60 Feature Pack 1 devices to get this offering. Sad news for those of you with N82’s or N95’s.