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Fruit Ninja Just Hit The Ovi Store

The hugely popular multi-platform game Fruit Ninja has just hit the Ovi Store at the grand price of just 1 Euro (if you are in India, its available for a mere Rs. 25). If you have no clue about what Fruit Ninja is, read on.

Download Fruit Ninja From The Ovi Store

“The worldwide smash hit game Fruit Ninja is now available for Nokia C7 & N8! Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash. Swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior. With three games modes in single player the addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for even higher scores. Fruit Ninja is the original and the best slasher on Nokia C7 & N8! ”

The description says C7 and N8 only, but there is nothing that should stop it from working on the other Symbian^3 devices like the E7. Wondering how it looks on the N8? Our friends at Blog-N8 have the answer in the form of the video embedded below.