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Stavros & Position Art

Meet Stavros

The Stavros Escapade is a project sponsored by WOMWorld, and is meant to promote geotagging. Stavros will be using a Black N82 and will take one motif submitted by people from across the globe and try to move around Rome so that his movement on a map would match the motif. This is called Position Art and the major event is taking place as I write.

Jump over and let Stavros himself explain and follow his progress here. GeoTagging is certainly a great feature and opens the window to great memories, watching pictures of yourself via Google Earth or on a map is cool. But what Stavros is doing is going one step further, Position Art opens another thing you can do with your GPS equipped Nseries, I will want to try this out sometime soon. We were very close doing it at the MWC when Stefanos proposed it.

Built-In Geo-Tagging Explanied

 N78 User Manual

The recent FCC leak of the scaled down N78 that lacks WiFi or 3G has made its user manual available already for anyone who wants a read. Mark from The Nokia Blog has got hold of it and has along with screen grabs explained the process of in built GeoTagging that the N78 will debut. 

The process according to him is simple and if the ‘record location’ option is on and a GPS position is acquired, the camera will save the location information within the pictures’ Exif data thus negating the need for any other application like Shozu or Location Tagger. Built in GeoTagging is something that Nokia wants to bring to every future device and probably it will be done in the same manner for all, may be a few devcies currently on the market such as the N82 get this upgrade too.