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Google Buys Motorola: Creates An Android Licensee That’s First Among Equals

In a very interesting development, Google has just announced that it will be acquiring Motorola Mobility, the handset and tablet division of the company for a cool 12.5 billion dollars. As you can probably guess the primary driver for Google was its inherent lack of patents and Motorola’s 17,000 patents with another 7000 in the pipeline were too good to pass. Motorola will be run as a separate business and will remain an android licensee and Google promises that there will be no change on how Android is run.

Google Buys Motorola: Creates An Android Licensee That's First Among Equals

While this will provide some cushion for Android manufactures who were getting sued left, right and center, it will also sow a seed of distrust. While Google may still be calling Motorola just another Android licensee, make no mistake it will be the first among equals and that cannot make Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson or LG happy. While all of these companies has put its game face on and given a public hurrah! to the deal, I wonder how they actually feel.

“We welcome the news of today’s acquisition, which demonstrates that Google is deeply committed to defending Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem” Peter Chou, CEO, HTC.

“I welcome Google’s commitment to defending Android and its partners” Bert Nordberg, President & CEO, Sony Ericsson.

“We welcome Google’s commitment to defending Android and its partners” Jong-Seok Park, Ph.D, President & CEO, LG.

“We welcome today’s news, which demonstrates Google’s deep commitment to defending Android, its partners, and the ecosystem” J.K. Shin, President, Samsung, Mobile Communications Division.

In the conference call following the announcement, Google did make it clear that rights to make the next Nexus device are still up for grabs for all partners and that Motorola would also participate in the bidding process just like Samsung or HTC. The current winner for the Nexus lineup was selected last Christmas, so we’ll only know the real outcome of this deal when its time for the next Nexus.

At the end of the day for Google, a large part of the 12.5 billion was mainly spent for patents, but it would be foolish of them not to effectively utilize the newly acquired hardware arm of theirs only for set top boxes, but for cutting edge smartphones as well. This represents a huge challenge for them, as no one has really successfully licensed a platform and competed with licensees, all at the same time. A slight hint of favoritism could push Samsung and HTC towards Windows Phone and that’s certainly not what Google is hoping to achieve.

The deal still needs to clear regulatory hurdles across the world, but once that happens it will be definitely be a very interesting time in Android’s growth story.

Orkut Goes Mobile

Orkut Mobile

Google owned popular networking website, Orkut now has a mobile version accesible from any web eqipped cellphone. Just point your browser to m.orkut.com to get going.

If you have a web-enabled phone and a data plan, just point your mobile web browser to m.orkut.com, and stay connected to your friends anytime, anywhere.The mobile site has been made with the fact in mind that the phone’s data network isn’t as fast as your computer’s, so only the features ‘most useful’ according to Google are being made available.

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Google’s Android Coming!

 The Pic Doesn't Represent The Actual Phone/OS

Well this has nothing to do with Symbian directly but is far too important to miss. According to a post over at C|Net google is going to announce a new platform, a new mobile operating system that runs on Linux and is called Android! Such an announcement has been expected for long and now we have just one more day to go. On Monday Google is expected to reveal details on the mythical Gphone.

Google is calling the venture an “Open Handset Alliance” and it includes partners like  KDDI and NTT DoCoMo and 30 others including Qualcomm, Broadcom, HTC, Intel, Samsung, Motorola, Sprint, and Texas Instruments.. The platform will supposedly be open source falling under the Apache License, Version 2.0. The flavor of Linux that Android will be built on top of looks to be that from Wind River.

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Google Maps Goes Symbian – Supports GPS!

Google Maps 

This is huge! Our favourite Google Maps appliacation is now a native coded Symbian OS 9 client! This results in a much better overall performance, optimum RAM usage, faster loading and the greatest add on being support for internal and external GPS!

Being able to jump to an aerial view, in exquisite detail, of your current location, more or less anywhere in the world, without lifting a finger or giving the software any manual help, as Rafe and Steve put it is MAGICAL. You get lost, you open your N95 (or E90 or 6110, etc) and you’re almost instantly shown where you are and, after a couple more keypresses, given explicit directions to get home, overlaid on a traditional street map or the respected Google Maps satellite view.

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