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Guardian Licence Winners & A Discount

Guardian Licence Winners & A Discount

Its time for congratulations and consolations! Its past midnight GMT and the entries are in. A huge thank you, to all of you for taking part. In total we had 43 entries and its time to announce the winners! Each comment was assigned a number and the winners were chosen by generating 5 random numbers from Random.Org. The first two people win a Platinum licence and its Gold for the other three. Congratulations!

Read on for the results!

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Free ‘Guardian’ Licences For You – The Symbian Blog Readers!

Guardian - Free Licences

Hot on the heels of my Guardian review, comes the great news that the new Guardian website has gone online and the application is available for download/purchase and thats not it.

As a special thank you to all The Symbian Blog readers, we have been able get free licences for the application. It appears as if Marco Bellino, the developer, is extra fond of you folks and has very generously offered 2 Platinum and 3 Gold licences, exclusively for you readers!

In order to win all you need to do is put your name and correct email address in the comments and you will be entered. Please do make sure that you give us a correct email address, as that’s how we’ll contact the winners.

Contest closes at Midnight GMT and we will then pick 5 random entries, to get their licence code. In case you don’t win, don’t worry, we still have a 30% discount if you purchase the application using this link, valid till the 15th of May. If you’r not quite sure what this application does, read this and visit the website to see the differences between the various versions.

Thanks Marco for the freebies!

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Review: Guardian For S60 v3 – Application Launch Today

Guardian - Share on Ovi

I have been playing with the 3rd Edition version of the hugely successful application Guardian, by Marco Bellino. What are my reactions? I am very pleased. There is just so much this small piece of software can do. As the name suggests, the software is basically meant to protect your phone from unauthorised usage, if it gets stolen or even otherwise. It comes in three different variants, a free basic version, a Gold and a Platinum version; naturally functionality keeps increasing with each higher version. For the purpose of this review I will be running the full blown Platinum.

It has been a while since S60 devices started shipping with an inbuilt GPS and it has also been a while since we have been losing devices. Since GPS can virtually pinpoint our exact location on the map, how cool would it be if we could use the phone’s GPS remotely to track it anywhere in the world? This is exactly what Guardian does, it enables us to pin point our phone anywhere on the planet even if we have lost it. This feature alone deserves a WOW! However, Guardian is just getting started, read on for more.

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