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How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & Nokia 5800

Following on from my previous post about the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) update which brings compatibility with the latest Nokia devices including S60 5th Edition and Windows 7 is this brief tutorial which explains how to change the product code on a Nokia device in order to update the firmware.

This tutorial should be valid for all Nokia devices and not just the N97, which I have used to demo the procedure. In order to get started, all you need is:

  • A Windows machine.
  • A copy of the NSS Suite which you can get here, or use this direct link.
  • A USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.
  • The device itself.


  • Simply connect your device to the computer in the ‘PC Suite’ mode.
  • Install (use the default configuration, i.e. just keep clicking next during installation) and fire up NSS. You should see the following screen.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Simply click the lens as shown in the picture above.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • You will see the above screen, next click on ‘Phone Info’ situated next to the top left corner.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • In the ‘Phone Info’ screen, click ‘Read’ to bring up your current product code, HW version etc.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Next simply click ‘Enable’ next to the product code.

How To Change The Product Code On A N97 & 5800

  • Fill in the desired product code, I have used a fictitious ‘111111’. Please make sure you fill in the right product code e.g. filling in a NAM product code when your device is a Euro model can cause serious damage when you update. Now press ‘Write’.
  • Nothing will appear to have happened, but your product code would have been changed. To verify hit ‘Read’ once again.
  • That’s it. You have now changed your product code and can fire up the Nokia Software Updater to get the latest firmware.

Please note that I or The Symbian Blog will not be responsible for any damage or liability that results from the above procedure. Please do so at your own risk. Happy updating! If you are wondering about the advantages or disadvantages of updating, look this post up.

NSS Now Supports Nokia S60 5th Edition – Makes Changing The Product Code On Your 5800 Or N97 A Breeze

In what comes as great news for enthusiasts that can’t wait for Nokia to release a firmware for their region/product code, Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) has been updated to include compatibility with all the latest Nokia devices, including ones based on S60 5th Edition.

The advantages of changing a product code and updating are that you can change to a product code that has the firmware available and update, without waiting for Nokia to bring it to your region. It is also helpful in debranding your devices or when you need a firmware with different language packs. The downside is that you may loose warranty or even end up bricking your device if the process is not done properly.

This release also adds supports for the Windows 7 operating system. Download here, or use this direct link. The tutorial on how to use NSS to change the product code and update is here.

[via: Gerrymoth]