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Live Wallpapers Come To The N900

Remember the Nexus One with its shiny ‘live’ wallpapers or remember that really old SE handset that had animated/live/moving wallpapers? Well guess what, that functionality has now come to the N900 thanks to Vasvlad‘s Live Wallpaper application.

As you can see from the video, the eye candy is nowhere as nice as the Nexus One and the animation is not smooth. It can only be applied to one homescreen so far as it has been implemented as a widget. But a good start nevertheless. May be someday we will be able too see performance equal to that of the Nexus One, specially with overclocked CPU’s.

In order to install, you will need to download the latest .deb file from this page, transfer it to your N900, locate it via the File Manager and tap on it to begin the install.

[via: Maemo Arena]