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The First MeeGo Tablet Has Just Made A Pretty Impressive Appearance

At Intel’s Computex, the first MeeGo running tablet has just made an appearance and it promises to thrill. The 10-inch Moorestown Quanta Redvale tablet is still running on pre-alpha software and will not be making it to store till 2011, but even in its current iteration it is quite a powerhouse.

MeeGo Tablet

It is poered by the 1.5GHz Moorestown chip and as you can see from this video it is pretty snappy and has no problems playing a 720p HD clip. While the tablet version of MeeGo is based on the netbook version, the UI is very diffirent. There are two modes, a simple icon based page and a much more advanced panel based design where your webpages, Facebook feeds, apps etc reside as live panels.

Engadget has a ton of hands on pictures and a video, jump over to check it out.

Forget the MeeGo Nokia phone for a minute, I’d like to see them announce a MeeGo tablet come Nokia World. Apple has created a market for tablets, its upto Nokia to cash on.