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In-Depth Look At The Lumia 800 On Video: Hard To Put Down

With the Lumia 800, Nokia and Microsoft’s synergies have finally been able to intersect after months of anticipation and the end result is nothing short of impressive. With the Nokia N9, we saw Nokia create a new class of device that was designed with the ‘eyes up’ philosophy in mind, with Windows Phone Microsoft tried to put people first, giving you the ability to quickly glance at information which is relevant to you.

In-Depth Look At The Nokia Lumia 800 On Video: Hard To Put Down

We all know that the Lumia 800 is one amazingly beautiful device, but since this was going to be my first real experience with Windows Phone Mango, I was curious about what to expect. What would be the notifications like? Is the Metro UI really as good as it is made out to be? Are there any niggles which could threaten to be show stoppers? Will Nokia’s device be differentiated enough from other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC?

So in the following video I go over all of these questions and try and answer them. The video plays for just over 16 minutes, and should give you a fair idea of what to expect from the Lumia 800.

Without giving away too much, all I can say is that I was having a hard time putting the device down.

(Video available in HD)

The Lumia 800 is already on pre-order in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Britain and is expected to hit stores sometime mid-week in November. It is also coming to Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan before the year-end.

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