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Unboxing 3 Lumia 920s: Red, Yellow & White

The Lumia 920 and 820 went on sale in India last week, and we were able to walk into a Nokia Priority Store on launch day and pick up 3 Lumia 920s, one in roaring red, one in glorious yellow and one in elegant white. So if you’ve been on the fence about which Lumia 920 to pick up, the following video should help answer that. Personally, speaking, my struggle was choosing between the Yellow and Red.

Unboxing 3 Lumia 920s: Red, Yellow & White

The Lumia 920 comes to India in Yellow, Red, White and Black for now. The first three colours feature a glossy finish, while the Black comes in matte, similar to the Lumia 800. The new Lumias had initially launched in a selected number of cities across the country, but by now the rollout should have reached all major towns and cities. So if you’ve picked up a shiny new Lumia 920, let us know in the comments section below. (YouTube link to the unboxing):

The unboxing has also been filed on a Lumia 920 which was handheld throughout, and the following video itself presents an excellent example of the wonders Optical Image Stabilisation can achieve.

Insane Quadcopter Lumia 920 Image Stabilisation Demo

At the Lumia 920’s India launch, Nokia strapped a Lumia 920 and a Galaxy S3 to a quadcopter and flew it around the conference hall. While they didn’t refer to the S3 by name, but as a competitor’s device, one could tell. Both devices were strapped to the quadcopter (pictured below) side by side, and the quadcopter promised a very bumpy ride indeed.

Lumia 920 Quadcopter

I was able to film both quadcopter flying around, and the resulting footage captured from both smartphones, the difference was remarkable. (YouTube link)

The Lumia 920 and 820 Go On Sale In India Tomorrrow, 38,199 & 27,559 INR Respectively

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the shiny and colourful new Lumias from Nokia, the wait is over. At today’s press event in Delhi, Nokia’s just announced that the Lumia 920 and the 820 will go on sale in India starting tomorrow. The Lumia 920 will retail for 38,199, while its younger sibling, the 820 will sell for 27,559. I expect the actual market prices to be slightly lower. Cities to get the devices tomorrow itself include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, while the others will follow. The Lumia 620 is expected in mid February.

The Lumia 920 will come with 2GB of data per month for 3 months with Airtel, while the 820 will have the same amount of free data, but on Vodafone. Nokia’s wireless accessories will be on demo starting tomorrow, however they will only go on sale at a later date. Hence, no word on pricing yet.

Lumia 920 India Price

Considering the competition and the prevailing conversion rates, Nokia’s priced its new offerings fairly competitively. The Lumia 920 comes with impressive functionality that includes an excellent PureView camera that’s great for low light photography, and for times when you can’t keep the phone steady. Then there’s also wireless charging, a super sensitive PureMotion HD+ touchscreen that lets you use it with gloves on, a snappy dual core S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, NFC and it runs Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 OS. Not to mention the excellent Nokia Maps/Drive app, Mix Radio for streaming music and a year’s subscription to Nokia Music.

Nokia Lumia 820 India Price

The Lumia 820 shares a lot of the 920’s internals when it comes to processing power, so Windows Phone 8 will feel just as snappy. However unlike the 920, there are no PureView optics in play, but you do get a pretty capable 8 Megapixel Carl Zeiss camera. The 480 x 800 pixel screen is also a bit of step down, but considering its a good 10,000 INR cheaper and other phones in this price bracket don’t come with HD screens, there isn’t much to complain. The Lumia 820 will have swapable shells that come in Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Violet, letting you personalise the phone even weeks after you’ve bought it. It also packs support for a microSD card lets you side load music, video, apps without using Microsoft’s desktop clients.

With Windows Phone have matured nicely with the 8.0 release, Nokia’s finally in a position to aggressively push its devices to consumers. Expect a detailed review soon.

Impressive Lumia 920 Optical Image Stabilisation Demo: Aircraft Landing

The Lumia 920 is first phone to pack optical image stabilisation, but what does it translate into in terms of real world usage? Simply put, the ability to whip the phone out of your pocket and take high quality shake free video that you would be proud to show off. Case in point is the video of an landing aircraft that I was able to capture.

The first part of the video is shot from a stationary car with the Lumia 920 panning around to follow the aircraft. It copes remarkably well with the handshake that comes from panning. However, things get even more interesting in the second part of the video where it is being filed from inside a moving car, so you can image the kind of hand shake that must have resulted in. But once again, the Lumia 920 handles the trying conditions with remarkable ease.

I will be following this post up with even more extensive tests, including comparisons with the Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 and the HTX 8X.