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Nokia N900 Unboxing Video

We told you about the Maemo Central launch today morning and since then there has been considerable activity on the N900/Maemo front, considering the fact that today is the first day of the Maemo Summit. The N900 has been unboxed on video, we also now have details coming in about Maemo 6 (multitouch and capacitive touchscreens are a go). Nokia has announced the official port of Qt to Maemo 5 and word is out the Portrait browsing is coming to the N900 by Christmas.

Nokia N900 Unboxing

If Maemo or the N900 interests you, just head across to Maemo Central.

Details About Maemo 6 – Multitouch, Capacitive Screens, Portrait Mode Support

If you are not following this most excellent liveblog, I recommend you should. According to details about Maemo 6 coming out from the Maemo Summit (via the liveblog) in the keynote by Janne Heikkinen, Director – Maemo Product Planning at Nokia we now know:

Portrait & Landscape Modes On Maemo 6

  • Multi-touch is coming to Maemo 6.
  • So is support for capacitive screens.
  • The main developer frameworks will be Qt (4.6) for native development and Nokia Web Runtime (WRT).
  • Nokia will be holding a tech preview of Qt for Maemo 5 today.
  • The alpha of Qt for Maemo 6 is expected in Q1 2010. Beta in Q2 2010.
  • The alpha of WRT for Maemo 6 is expected in Q1 2010. Beta in Q2 2010.
  • The Maemo 6 UI will have a canvas layout for maximum customization/personalization. Widgets everywhere.
  • There will  be full support for portrait and landscape modes of operation.

Maemo 6 UI Concept

Rest as we find out.