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[Decipher This Update] Major Compete Is A Website & An Online Treasure Hunt

The image that I told you about is becoming more interesting with time. With a bit of prodding I have been able to figure out that words ‘Major Compete’ in the picture actually translate into a URL – www.majorcompete.com and that it has nothing to do with the October 23 event that Nokia is holding in London.


It is actually in the nature of an online treasure hunt. If you fire up www.majorcompete.com in your browser you will see the following page. The first word sure seems a lot like Maemo. If this is going in the direction of the N900, I am going to love it.

UPDATE – It just hit me that the missing words on that parchment could be – Maemo Project, which would lead to MaemoProject.com a website based around the movie Paranormal Activity. Hit this link for information on how to crack the code.

How To Find The Penguin On MaemoProject.com & Win A N900

Earlier today, I has received an email with a picture from my friends at WOM World. It seemed like a clue pointing to a competition.

Major compete note

After a bit of prodding I was able to figure out that the words major and compete come together to form majorcompete.com. Opening that website displays this image:


The first word seems to point to Maemo, the second word could be anything. Next, I came across MaemoProject.com via TechCrunch and voila the second blank has enough alphabets to exactly fit in the word ‘project’.


Opening MaemoProject.com takes us to this screen. Nothing seems to happen for a long time, then around the 9th minute something does and a penguin(?) appears on the table for a second. The trick is to click on the Penguin when it appears, thus giving yourself a chance to win a N900 or the BH-95 headset (I’ve never heard of the BH-95, have you?). Next, simply enter your name and email address and hope that you have won.

Win N900

Anyway, the rules PDF from the website indicates the N900 as the prize and puts Oct. 20 12:00 PM as the last date to enter.  However, since Nokia has yet to officially launch the website through its Nseries Blog, I’m inclined to think that the PDF is a draft. [Update – I can confirm Oct. 20 was definitely NOT the last date!]

This also means that you have a head-start, make the most of it!