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Myths: Hacking & Viruses On S60

The Biggest Myth Of Them All

The above picture is from the Mobile Asia Mobile Expo held in New Delhi a little while back. While visiting I came across this stall I acted dumb and asked the sales guy why I needed the solution he was advertising. He started off with a questionnaire, Do I used Internet on my mobile? Do I install stuff? Do I keep bluetooth on? Hell, he asked me everything apart from whether or not I make calls with it. To each of those questions he said then I NEED their product because it gives me protection from 253(!) viruses and also has a firewall to ‘protect’ me when I use the Internet.

By this time I was disgusted and trying to imagine what would this ‘seemingly informed’ salesman with the names of Carib and Commwarrior up his sleeve do to the average S60 user out there?!! I asked him to take him to their top man and I handed over my N82 to him and asked if to infect it with one virus and I would leave the phone with him. Needless to say I still have the phone with me! This post focuses on the myth of mobile malware and the so called hacking of S60.

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