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Nokia Maps Out Of Beta

Nokia Maps Out Of Beta

After a long public Beta, Nokia Maps has finally graduated out of Beta and is available for download for all FP1 devices. This will also mean that future devices and firmwares will make come with Maps 2 preinstalled, a big plus as Maps 2 does a lot more than the maps application the phones currently ship with.

The Maps application now packs enormous worldwide street mapping, POI datasets, Pedestrian Navigation, new Satellite Images and Support for integrated Compass Orientation (read Nokia 6120)! All of this free, of course, the pay-as-you-go voice-guided navigation is always available as an upgrade. The full changelog from v1.2 to v2 after the jump. Download Link.

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Update: Nokia Maps India Data Updated

AAS had reported a few days back that Nokia Maps has hit beta 2.0. The new application came with a new Map loader version 1.3.5. You can download Nokia Maps beta 2.0 and the Map Loader here. I had expected some sort of data update for India with the new map loader but it didn’t happen immediately. Today I just found the the map data for India has been upped from the earlier 21 MB to 24.1 MB.


I don’t have the details of the data that has been updated and I sincerely hope that we do get a big update sometime soon since Nokia has already launched the Navigator in India.

Google Maps Goes Symbian – Supports GPS!

Google Maps 

This is huge! Our favourite Google Maps appliacation is now a native coded Symbian OS 9 client! This results in a much better overall performance, optimum RAM usage, faster loading and the greatest add on being support for internal and external GPS!

Being able to jump to an aerial view, in exquisite detail, of your current location, more or less anywhere in the world, without lifting a finger or giving the software any manual help, as Rafe and Steve put it is MAGICAL. You get lost, you open your N95 (or E90 or 6110, etc) and you’re almost instantly shown where you are and, after a couple more keypresses, given explicit directions to get home, overlaid on a traditional street map or the respected Google Maps satellite view.

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