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Registrations For The MeeGo Conference In May Now Open

I have great delight in telling you that registrations and calls for proposals for the Spring 2011 MeeGo Conference, scheduled for May 23-25 in San Francisco, are now open. As opposed to the developer focused conference that happened in Dublin last year, the San Francisco conference will be more focused on the industry and not just on the developers.

Registrations For The MeeGo Conference In May Now Open

The hosts are encouraging everyone from application developers to platform designers, hardware vendors to open source enthusiasts, anyone engaged in MeeGo is invited to contribute and participate in the Call for Proposals (CFP). However, if you would just like to attend, here is what you have to look forward to:

  • Conference Warm-Up, which will be two days filled with tutorials, workshops, and more, organized by the MeeGo community (dates are 5/21-5/22)
  • 24hr Hacker Lounge
  • 5k fun run
  • T-shirt contest

If you are keen on actively participating, proposals have been invited for a wide variety of areas:

  • Device/Product development
  • App development
  • Platform development
  • MeeGo project, process, and progress
  • We welcome submissions on any other MeeGo related topics

I was fortunate enough to attend the MeeGo Conference in Dublin last year, and San Francisco promises to be even more exciting. If you care about MeeGo, I strongly recommend that you try and attend. Register here. For more information visit sf2011.meego.com, the SFO MeeGo Conference website.

Nokia still plans on releasing one MeeGo device this year and the MeeGo Conference may very well be the venue for the announcement. You will also notice that the MeeGo Conference banner still has Nokia right next to Intel as the host, despite the Nokia’s recent announcements. Intel has already committed to make MeeGo work, no matter what obstacles they face. All in all it promises to be a cracker of an event, which will probably give the world an idea of whether MeeGo will really take off.