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Demo Of Digia’s eBook Application From The MeeGo Conference

Digia is the company that recently acquired commercial licensing and professional services components of Nokia’s Qt software group, so if you can expect someone to make high quality Qt based applications, its them. At the MeeGo Conference, they had a concept eBook application written in QML running on MeeGo tablets, that presents a pretty impressive picture of what you can do with Qt.

The application aims to be not just a eBook reader, but also a recommendation engine and a store to buy books from. While the current application is still in development, it still presents a compelling look at what can be. In terms of deployment, the company is looking at both smartphones and tablets as a market once the application is ready for commercial deployment.

Special thanks to Kari Sievi of Digia for the demo, unfortunately due to the background noise I was forced to do a voiceover later on.

Video: Swype For MeeGo Tablets, Will Be Integrated At The Platform Level

In what should come as great news for anyone who is familiar with application, Swype will come integrated at the platform on MeeGo tablets as the default text input mechanism. The latest MeeGo 1.2 build that just came out a few days ago incorporates Swype to give you a much better text entry experience on MeeGo.

I caught up with Peter Hargarten of Swype, at the MeeGo Conference exhibit hall and he was kind enough to give us a demo of how Swype works on MeeGo. The device is an EXOPC running MeeGo 1.2.

The people at Swype are working hard to make Swype for MeeGo even better, and as things stand, Swype comes integrated with MeeGo releases and the updates to the application will coincide with subsequent MeeGo releases.

Needless to say, Swype is a great keyboard which lets you swipe to enter text, or even use it as a regular keyboard. While Swype for MeeGo isn’t as feature rich as it is for some of the other platforms, I do look forward to future updates that will hopefully bring the experience on par.

The MeeGo Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco Today

We are just hours away from the start of the second MeeGo Conference, the first having been taken place in November, at Dublin. Unlike the last one, the spring conference promises to be focused on a the global direction MeeGo is taking in addition to the technical sessions for the developers. How much of that can be realized remains to be seen in light of Nokia’s recent shift towards Windows Phone as its primary operating system, but one thing is very clear, Intel still remains committed to the OS, and will be looking at other phone manufacturers, perhaps LG, to fill the void that Nokia’s exit has left.

This will probably mean that we are now looking at 2012 at the time when commercial MeeGo smartphones being to pick up, however, in orders to gain developers, Intel will be aggressive conducting their ‘Intel AppUp Application Labs‘ through the world, with events in Hyderrabad, Chennai, Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Pune and Delhi already in place over the next two months.

The MeeGo Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco Today

In terms of interest, the spring MeeGo Conference has seen about 1200 registrations and while there are clearly doubts in people’s minds about how MeeGo will progress from here on, there is still an encouraging level of developer interest. The conference will kick off with an keynote titled ‘The Future of MeeGo Starts Now’, hosted by Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation and promises to give a better picture of where MeeGo stands today.

A lot of sessions over the next three days will be streamed live, so you can keep on top of things wherever you are. Here is the detailed schedule and the dedicated live stream.

I will also be tweeting from the floor @TheHandheldBlog and you can also follow me on @v4ibhav for general happenings around the MeeGo Conference.

Nokia Conversations Makes The N9 Tease Official

Nokia Conversations has just published a post titled, ‘Future devices and innovation at Nokia‘. Along side is a picture of curtains, awaiting a grand reveal. The post itself is brilliant, says nothing about a particular device, yet says quite a lot. Its a tease, but one which you will only be able to follow if you are already familiar with the N9/N950 leaked teaser video which has since been taken down (but you can still find screenshots here).

Nokia Conversations Makes The N9 Tease Official

I recommend you read it, but if you’re in a hurry here are the real teasers.

“Just a couple of days ago, a whole fresh crop appeared on a number of websites regarding a new mystery device. But it should be no surprise that new things are in the wings somewhere…”

  • Obvious reference to the device rumored to be the N9/N950.

“… At the moment, of course, our technology is far from natural. There’s nothing natural about icons and drop-down lists and tickboxes. It would probably be better if you could just swipe through your apps, wouldn’t it?”

  • Swipes. That’s what Nokia’s MeeGo UI will play by.

“But the possibilities are endless… and very exciting. We can’t wait to show you more – maybe a sneak peek at “Jessie’s Girl” – in the weeks to come”.

  • ‘Jessie’s Girl’. That was the exact Rick Springfield soundtrack for the teaser that leaked.

So there you have it, the device is coming in the ‘weeks to come’ and it’ll run Nokia’s very own UI based on the idea of swipes. But the ‘weeks to come’ part means that a we are possibly looking at June as the time of announcement, which means we probably won’t be seeing it at the MeeGo Conference starting next week in San Francisco.

Nokia Conversations Makes The N9 Tease Official

[Update] I just saw that Jay at My Nokia Blog too has a similar post up, where they’re speculating about Nokia’s New Sense message. Remember, ‘See, Hear New, Feel New’ from the old Nseries days, all of them were senses.

Image credit: Wootang01

LG To Show Off Prototype Devices At Next Month’s MeeGo Conference

The ‘will LG, won’t LG’ game around has been going on for a while. First it was Valtteri Halla (a member of technical steering group of MeeGo and former Nokia employee) who commenting on Nokia’s exit said  “It’s opening opportunities for the others to come in. Discussions are taking place. You’ll see things coming out this year, pretty soon.”

LG To Show Off Prototype Devices At The MeeGo Conference

Then the ‘LG fills Nokia’s MeeGo void’ stories started, but LG quickly poured water on that rumour by saying that they have no definite plans to ‘mass produce’ a MeeGo smartphone this year. This was interpreted as a pretty cold stance. However, a pretty interesting session has just popped up on the MeeGo Conference website, that proposes to “show LGE MeeGo Devices and present porting experience of MeeGo 1.2 into multiple LG devices”.

But if you read further into the abstract:

“To present how LGE’s works on MeeGo IVI/Tablet/Smart Phone and how/what LGE will contribute for the future of MeeGo platform. Also some proposal on SW architecture will be presented. This session will include demonstration of prototype devices. (Will be updated)”

So there you have it, MeeGo on prototype LG devices. It still doesn’t mean that LG will be mass producing a MeeGo smartphone this year, but it does open the doors to it. I will be at next month’s MeeGo Conference and keeping an eye on things.

Meanwhile I wonder if we’ll hear something about Nokia’s only MeeGo device anytime around the same time?

Hat tip to @brainimpact.

Registrations For The MeeGo Conference In May Now Open

I have great delight in telling you that registrations and calls for proposals for the Spring 2011 MeeGo Conference, scheduled for May 23-25 in San Francisco, are now open. As opposed to the developer focused conference that happened in Dublin last year, the San Francisco conference will be more focused on the industry and not just on the developers.

Registrations For The MeeGo Conference In May Now Open

The hosts are encouraging everyone from application developers to platform designers, hardware vendors to open source enthusiasts, anyone engaged in MeeGo is invited to contribute and participate in the Call for Proposals (CFP). However, if you would just like to attend, here is what you have to look forward to:

  • Conference Warm-Up, which will be two days filled with tutorials, workshops, and more, organized by the MeeGo community (dates are 5/21-5/22)
  • 24hr Hacker Lounge
  • 5k fun run
  • T-shirt contest

If you are keen on actively participating, proposals have been invited for a wide variety of areas:

  • Device/Product development
  • App development
  • Platform development
  • MeeGo project, process, and progress
  • We welcome submissions on any other MeeGo related topics

I was fortunate enough to attend the MeeGo Conference in Dublin last year, and San Francisco promises to be even more exciting. If you care about MeeGo, I strongly recommend that you try and attend. Register here. For more information visit sf2011.meego.com, the SFO MeeGo Conference website.

Nokia still plans on releasing one MeeGo device this year and the MeeGo Conference may very well be the venue for the announcement. You will also notice that the MeeGo Conference banner still has Nokia right next to Intel as the host, despite the Nokia’s recent announcements. Intel has already committed to make MeeGo work, no matter what obstacles they face. All in all it promises to be a cracker of an event, which will probably give the world an idea of whether MeeGo will really take off.