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Pre-Alpha Meego Tablet UI Gets Demo'ed In HD: Impresses

We brought you news of a MeeGo tablet a little while back, but a detailed demo of its early MeeGo UI has just popped up in HD. The video clearly shows the paneled homescreen which holds your photos, videos, web feeds and other content in vertical columns that can be scrolled sideways. It automatically updates itself and also packs a deep level of social integration removing the need of dedicated apps.

It also has a simpler app launching screen which works just as well. MeeGo supports full blown multitasking, HD video playback, and five finger multitouch. The current demo comes with Intel’s App Up client fro downloading more apps, while the Nokia variant will probably come with the Ovi Store.

Apart from that the UI looks intuitive, fast and has all the eye candy that you could wish for. I have wanted Nokia to make a large screen internet tablet for a while now and it looks as if Nokia World will hold the key. The MeeGo tablet will give me an amazing web browser with flash and multiple video codecs, so I can virtually throw anything at it and it will play it. This is something the iPad cannot do and that’s why its not for me.

What do you think?

[via: My Nokia Blog]

The First MeeGo Tablet Has Just Made A Pretty Impressive Appearance

At Intel’s Computex, the first MeeGo running tablet has just made an appearance and it promises to thrill. The 10-inch Moorestown Quanta Redvale tablet is still running on pre-alpha software and will not be making it to store till 2011, but even in its current iteration it is quite a powerhouse.

MeeGo Tablet

It is poered by the 1.5GHz Moorestown chip and as you can see from this video it is pretty snappy and has no problems playing a 720p HD clip. While the tablet version of MeeGo is based on the netbook version, the UI is very diffirent. There are two modes, a simple icon based page and a much more advanced panel based design where your webpages, Facebook feeds, apps etc reside as live panels.

Engadget has a ton of hands on pictures and a video, jump over to check it out.

Forget the MeeGo Nokia phone for a minute, I’d like to see them announce a MeeGo tablet come Nokia World. Apple has created a market for tablets, its upto Nokia to cash on.