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Jolla Breathes A New Life Into MeeGo, Ex-Nokians To Continue Development

Just when you thought MeeGo was a closed chapter, comes news that ex-Nokians who worked on the N9 and the MeeGo community are coming together to ‘continue Nokia’s excellent work on #MeeGo based smartphones’. The new project is called ‘Jolla’, which apparently when translated from Finnish means a better rescue boat, an obvious yet cheeky reference to the infamous burning platform memo.

This is great news for those of you who thought the MeeGo was the way to go for Nokia, but before you get too excited remember that doesn’t meant that your N9 will magically start getting updates from Jolla. That being said, you never know what the community might be able to achieve.

Exciting times if you’re a MeeGo fan.

Video: Swype For MeeGo Tablets, Will Be Integrated At The Platform Level

In what should come as great news for anyone who is familiar with application, Swype will come integrated at the platform on MeeGo tablets as the default text input mechanism. The latest MeeGo 1.2 build that just came out a few days ago incorporates Swype to give you a much better text entry experience on MeeGo.

I caught up with Peter Hargarten of Swype, at the MeeGo Conference exhibit hall and he was kind enough to give us a demo of how Swype works on MeeGo. The device is an EXOPC running MeeGo 1.2.

The people at Swype are working hard to make Swype for MeeGo even better, and as things stand, Swype comes integrated with MeeGo releases and the updates to the application will coincide with subsequent MeeGo releases.

Needless to say, Swype is a great keyboard which lets you swipe to enter text, or even use it as a regular keyboard. While Swype for MeeGo isn’t as feature rich as it is for some of the other platforms, I do look forward to future updates that will hopefully bring the experience on par.

MeeGo 1.2 Release Now Out – N900 Developer Edition Release Set For MeeGo Conference

The MeeGo 1.2 release is now available, well in time for the MeeGo Conference that kicks off on Monday. This update promises to provide a solid baseline for device vendors and developers to start creating software for various device categories on Intel Atom and ARMv7 architectures.

MeeGo 1.2 Release Now Out - N900 Developer Edition Release Set For SFO

(N900 MeeGo 1.2 DE, Boot Splash)

If you are looking to for an update for your N900, then there is good news. While there are vanilla MeeGo 1.2 images available for the N900, it’ll make much more sense for you to try the N900 Developer Edition release that has additional applications, contributions and fixes.

While the final release will happen at the MeeGo Conference, you can still try the final release candidate here. If you are attending the MeeGo Conference, then make sure to attend the N900 MeeGo 1.2 DE Session. If you are not, you can still catch the live streaming of this session on May 25, 9:50 AM San Francisco time.

Back to the general MeeGo 1.2 release, on the UX and MeeGo SDK front we now have:

Make sure to check out the post on MeeGo.com for more details. MeeGo development continues forward on a six-month cadence, so you can expect MeeGo 1.3 to be released in October, 2011.

15 Screenshots From The Leaked Nokia N9 Teaser Reveal A Few Details

We are just 5 days away from the start of the second MeeGo Conference and a very interesting video has just popped up, a promo for Nokia’s first MeeGo device, the N9. The video is nothing more than a teaser, but does manage to reveal a bunch details about the device which may even be called the N950. The only problem is that the OS the phone is running looks a lot like upcoming Symbian releases, right down to the icons, so may be the teaser that Pocket Now has scooped was a work in progress, with the MeeGo parts to be placed in later.

Nevertheless, the hardware does look solid. First, it packs an auto focus camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and a dual LED, no EDoF unit here. My guess is a 12 MP.  Then there is the all aluminum body, with a physical QWERTY and a 4″ screen in a very E7ish design. Here are some images that promise to reveal more.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Looks like a 12MP AF, dual LED camera with a Carl Zeiss lens.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The earpiece, just under the top end of the phone. It does have a very narrow bezel.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Looks like a great QWERTY keyboard, in an all aluminum body.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Fairly large screen, possibly 4″.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • It’ll come with Ovi Maps with driving navigation.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • An app in action.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Looks like a very capable browser, with the speed dial screen shown perhaps.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The QWERTY virtual keyboard.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The tilt up slide mechanism which is a lot like the E7.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The bottom of the device, with the camera and speaker grill.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The calender in action.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Notice how thin the bezel is.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • The face of the N9/N950, with a front camera. It does look good.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Notice the sliding transition to move to the next screen.

Nokia N9 / N950 Leaked Teaser

  • Nokia calls it ‘Our Next Sense’. Perhaps they want to get back at HTC.

Now for the video that Pocket Now has been able to scoop:

We’ll probably know more on Monday when the MeeGo Conference kicks off. I’ll be there to bring you the latest.

LG To Show Off Prototype Devices At Next Month’s MeeGo Conference

The ‘will LG, won’t LG’ game around has been going on for a while. First it was Valtteri Halla (a member of technical steering group of MeeGo and former Nokia employee) who commenting on Nokia’s exit said  “It’s opening opportunities for the others to come in. Discussions are taking place. You’ll see things coming out this year, pretty soon.”

LG To Show Off Prototype Devices At The MeeGo Conference

Then the ‘LG fills Nokia’s MeeGo void’ stories started, but LG quickly poured water on that rumour by saying that they have no definite plans to ‘mass produce’ a MeeGo smartphone this year. This was interpreted as a pretty cold stance. However, a pretty interesting session has just popped up on the MeeGo Conference website, that proposes to “show LGE MeeGo Devices and present porting experience of MeeGo 1.2 into multiple LG devices”.

But if you read further into the abstract:

“To present how LGE’s works on MeeGo IVI/Tablet/Smart Phone and how/what LGE will contribute for the future of MeeGo platform. Also some proposal on SW architecture will be presented. This session will include demonstration of prototype devices. (Will be updated)”

So there you have it, MeeGo on prototype LG devices. It still doesn’t mean that LG will be mass producing a MeeGo smartphone this year, but it does open the doors to it. I will be at next month’s MeeGo Conference and keeping an eye on things.

Meanwhile I wonder if we’ll hear something about Nokia’s only MeeGo device anytime around the same time?

Hat tip to @brainimpact.

Nokia Transfers 3000 Employees & Symbian To Accenture, Launches Social Responsibility Program For The Other 4000

When Nokia made the move to Windows Phone, it made it amply clear that they would be streamlining its operations and would be looking to save 1 billion Euros in R&D and other costs. They also made it clear although they still plan on making 150 million Symbian devices, the platform was nearing its end.

Nokia Transfers 3000 Employees & Symbian To Accenture, Launches Social Responsibility Program For The Other 4000

Today as the next step in that journey to turn around the ship, Nokia’s announced a collaboration with Accenture (a company of more than 215,000 employees) that involves a transfer of 3000 employees to support the continued development of Symbian that Accenture will now undertake.

Next, Nokia will layoff an additional 4000 employees out of a total of 65,000 worldwide in the latter half of 2012. Out of the 4000, the primary cuts will be in Finland totalling about 1400 jobs with the majority of the cuts being in Symbian & MeeGo R&D. In an effort to help employees affected by this transition Nokia has also launched a comprehensive social responsibility program that will help employees find jobs within and outside the company or even become entrepreneurs themselves.

What all of this means is that Nokia is effectively shutting down interval Symbian development, there will still be updates and improvements to the OS, but going forward Accenture will be responsible of all of that. Next, Accenture gains a huge pool of talent from Nokia, inducing 3000 employees isn’t easy, but considering how Accenture is involved with developing for other platforms as well, they might start tuning the former Nokia employees’ focus toward developing for the competition, specially because 2-3 years later Nokia will not be making Symbian devices.

Since Nokia’s MeeGo R&D has also been cut, you can rest assured that Nokia will not be releasing anymore MeeGo devices after the one they’ve already promised. Makes you wonder where the next big disruption will come from?

At the end of the day, Nokia have identified a clear strategy, let others handle software and get back to what they do best hardware. As Phil nicely puts it,

“There’s no faster moving industry in the world today than mobile technology. Take a sip of water and you’re behind in the pack. Blink your eye and watch the pack move in a different direction. Nokia sipped, blinked, then set on creating a new winning strategy in this redefined landscape. This was Nokia’s first step to transformation.”