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Nokia & IE Launch Mix Party: A Social Playlist

At parties you are usually saddled with the host’s choice of music, so with an aim to change that, Nokia in collaboration with IE has launch a web app called Nokia Mix Party, a playlist based on the idea of collaboration. Guests at your party can vote on the artists they want to listen to, and the Mix Party keeps the music pumping based on whichever artist is winning. The idea is similar to how ‘make your own mix’ works inside the Mix Radio section of the Nokia Music Windows Phone app, but Mix Party takes it to a new level by making the process democratic.

Nokia Mix Party

The only requirement for using this service is that you need an Xbox to start the Mix Party, post that your friends can join using any smartphone of their choice, as everything is handled through the browser. Once you start the Mix Party a unique QR code is displayed on the screen, and your friends can just scan it to join in on the fun.

This video should give you an idea of how it works:

“This is Nokia MixParty, where making a playlist is a collaboration. Using any flavor of modern smartphone, you can influence the direction of a playlist in MixParty. No apps. No downloads. How you may ask? The internets. The web is evolving the way we interact with it. It’s becoming our companion, helping us do more with the internet like never before. This is the future, it’s the Companion Web.”

This certainly sounds like a terrific app, and should be loads of fun to use. If only Nokia would remove the Xbox only restriction. One can hope.