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Rediscovering Mosh


In the last few months I have been using quite a a lot of different phones for varying periods of time. Now there are two basic problems with getting a new phone, one the user data such as contacts and calender and two the applications that we might have installed. The first part is taken care of by the Switch application that I have talked of previously; it is the second problem that deserves attention. S60 is a open platform that allows us users to make the phone do much more than it was initially capable of by adding different 3rd party applications and it is these applications that actually make it a smartphone. Switch handles transfer without the need for a computer and directly over bluetooth but when it comes to applications/themes I do not see such a simple solution.

As time works today all of us have hardly any free time and are on the move constantly and seldom have the time or the patience to sit down and install all applications one by one and at the same time remember all of them, considering there are great freewares coming out almost daily. Therefore it would be great if there was a central repository where we could find all of them at one place and it won’t even be better if someone uploaded them for us?!

MOSH is just that, a site that aims to make informal networking easier, especially for times when a computer is not at hand. A short form for ‘mobilize and share’, MOSH has seen more than 6 million downloads since its beta launch on August 9. It is intended for all mobile devices and is not Nokia-specific. MOSH’s number one market has been India, followed by Russia and South Africa. When MOSH was started a few months back its first dimension was the ability to upload and share content with a global audience and the second which flowed from it was downloading and customizing your device. In October last year Nokia unveiled SEEK, the third dimension of MOSH which now allows users to even make requests for content, and the community can respond with suggestions or custom-created content answering each ‘SEEK’.

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