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Should The Red Key Continue To Kill Applications?

Should The Red Key Continue To Kill Applications? It has been a while since Nokia has got the message that smartphones need ample RAM. If we look at just a few of the recently released phones, it becomes clear all of them have a decent amount of RAM, be it the E90, N82, N95 8GB even the slightly lower end phones like the N81 and E51 have been endowed with enough RAM.

What used to happen was that people new to S60 and its multitasking abilities used to hit the red key thinking they were closing the application and it would merely go to the background where it would stay in the memory and as the number of such applications increased, they would clog up the phone. To overcome this situation newer devices shipping with OS 9 killed the application when the red key was hit, this resulted in better performance and people were happy.

However let us look at today. Since phones have enough RAM Nokia makes certain applications live on inspite of the red key kill, to speed things up for us. The contacts, the menu and a few other applications stay on, hidden. So much so that in the music phones we cannot even kill the Music Player application if we wanted to, red key or no red key.

My point being that current smartphones, the mighty Nseries and Eseries, the multimedia computers as Nokia would call them are pretty efficient at managing multiple open applications. I tested the N82 and you would be surprised to know that I could run each and every application on the phone without even a single one crashing! There is no way in the world anyone is going to use a phone in that manner.

I know that we can simple keep something running and minimise it by hitting the menu key twice but there’s another another reason why I say this. Many a time, the red key is hit accidently; while in some applications the data is saved, in the others its all gone. E.g. Messaging will save the draft, but if I have the Web Browser open and I make a mistake, everything is gone, I might have been writing an email and its gone, poof! I don’t know if its ever happened with you but it happens to me, specially when I’m using a phone I’m not comfortable with yet.

Read on for my proposal.

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MultitasKING – N82


I currently am trialling a Nokia N82 and so far I am thrilled with the device; more on that later. Lets cut to the real deal now, as you may be aware the N95 is my primary phone and with the latest v20 firmware it allows me to multi task to a lets say decent extent. It is not something I would settle with but something that gets the job done.

Enter the N82, as usual the first thing I did was use Switch to get all my stuff over, download the absolute essentials like Gmail and Maps and generally set it up. Since I am somewhat obsessed with RAM conservation I decided to install Device Status and see for myself how much rope to I have to play with, on launch may be with one other application running I had about 86 MB which is beautiful, certainly the way all S60 phones should go.

As a practical test I decided to see how useful can all that RAM be, I am pleased to say that not only is it useful but it will also satisfy the geek in you. I actually ran each and every application I had on the phone including Web, Music Player, Ngage, two Gmail clients (for the java), another game, basically everything and not one crashed or the phone hung. Have a look at the screenshots and see for yourself!

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