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Pimp Your Lumia: Must Have Apps & Then Some More

Nokia’s App Social client is an incredibly easy way to share your favourite Lumia apps. All you need to do is give your list a name, select apps from your existing pool of apps installed on the phone, and then publish it. You also have the option of adding a cover photo. This list is assigned a short URL, and you share it to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, via email, text etc. from within the App itself.

The best part about how this works is that clicking on this URL from a Lumia that already has App Social installed will open up the app, and you’ll be presented with a screen such as the one below and you can start installing the apps from there itself. If you’re browsing from another device, then a web page gives you links to all the apps.

Must Have Apps Lumia

 Over a few months of using Windows Phone, I have come to rely on a large set of apps that let me do virtually anything that I can do with an iPhone. Almost every app has an equivalent, and if you install these apps, you shouldn’t feel restricted at all. Windows Phone doesn’t come pre-installed with a few key apps – a voice recorder, a unit converter, a LED torch, a weather app and a YouTube uploader. You’ll have the best versions of all these apps in the ‘Pimp Your Lumia‘ list.

Then I also cover camera apps, photo editors, fitness apps, entertainment, travel, utilities and more – making for a total of 81 apps. Click though for the detailed low down. If you’d like to open this list on your Lumia, just make sure you have App Social installed and scan this QR code.

Must Have Apps Lumia

Think I missed on on an essential or exceptionally good app? Let me know in the comments section below.